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Iraq fights terrorism … “Al Jazeera lions go”

Days after the bloody attack that struck Baghdad, the first phase of Operation Al-Jazira Lions began in the Al-Jazirah regions in western Iraq, on Monday, with the participation of the leaders of Al-Jazeera, Salah al-Din and western Nineveh operations, and with the support of the Air Force and the Army Aviation to search for armed elements Desert areas.

According to the War Media Cell, the Joint Iraqi Operations Command confirmed that it will continue to pursue a large scale in pursuit of terrorist cells.

The Iraqi security forces had faced increasing pressure after the ISIS attack. Which struck the center of the capital and left dozens of dead and wounded, which many considered a failure of the Iraqi intelligence.

It is mentioned that the security forces in Iraq had started on January 20 this year the first phase of the “Revenge of the Martyrs” operation in Anbar provinces (west) And Kirkuk and Salah al-Din (North), to pursue ISIS militants.

During the operation, I managed to kill the “governor” of ISIS in Iraq, Abu Yasser al-Issawi, and dozens of the organization’s members and arrested others, in joint operations with the coalition. International Affairs led by the United States.

At the same level, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced, Saturday in A statement, that its forces arrested a media official of the organization in Baghdad, confirming that “the detainee was shown in videos promoting the organization.”

“The Triangle of Death”

Referred to According to security experts, the terrorists of the terrorist organization are spreading in areas north of Baghdad, as they are rugged and have dense vegetation cover that makes it difficult for security forces to deploy in them.

During recent months, the frequency of attacks by suspected militants has increased. ISIS, especially in the area between Kirkuk and Salah al-Din, and Diyala, known as the “Triangle of Death.”

In addition, in 2017 Iraq announced victory over ISIS by reclaiming its entire territory, which was estimated at about a third of the area. The country was invaded by ISIS in the summer of 2014.

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