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Image Comics Unveils Captivating Covers for Our Bones Dust #2

Image Comics Unveils Our Bones Dust #2 Covers

Get ready for the highly anticipated release of Image Comics‘ mesmerizing comic book, ‘Our Bones Dust’! The second installment of this gripping series is set to debut in December, and Image Comics has just unveiled the captivating covers for ‘Our Bones Dust #2.

First Look at the Covers

Image Comics recently gave fans an exclusive sneak peek at the ‘Our Bones Dust’ #2 covers through an enticing feature on ComicBook.com. Crafted by the talented Ben Stenbeck, this series features two stunning covers. The main cover is a masterpiece drawn by Stenbeck, while the variant cover is a creation of the iconic artist Geof Darrow.

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About ‘Our Bones Dust’

‘Our Bones Dust’ is a thrilling four-issue series written and illustrated by the extraordinary Ben Stenbeck. As the second issue approaches solicitation, the countdown to the first issue’s final order cutoff on November 6 has begun. This enthralling comic unfolds the tale of a feral child forced to navigate a brutal and blood-soaked landscape teeming with menacing cannibal tribes. While this child fights relentlessly for survival, a benevolent AI entity named Attis comes to aid. However, an even graver menace looms – something ancient, dangerous, and utterly deranged, posing a challenge not everyone will overcome.

Praise from Notable Creators

The comic book world praises Ben Stenbeck’s remarkable work on ‘Our Bones Dust.’ Yanick Paquette, the genius behind ‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ and ‘Batman Incorporated,’ is excited, declaring it “one of the most exhilarating comics in years!” Furthermore, Frank Quitely, celebrated for his contributions to ‘All-Star Superman,’ commends the series for its ambitious world-building and engaging storytelling.

Collaboration with Giant Generator Studios

In an electrifying development, Image Comics has teamed up with Rick Remender’s Giant Generator Studios, bringing together a stellar lineup of artists from DC and Marvel. This dream team includes acclaimed creators such as Daniel Acuña, André Lima Araújo, Paul Azaceta, Bengal, Yanick Paquette, Brett Parson, Mike Hawthorne, Roland Boschi, Max Fiumara, and Greg Tocchini. Remender will collaborate with these artists on various projects, some of which will be thrilling writer-artist partnerships. In contrast, others will feature writers working alongside these artistic maestros. Importantly, all creators involved in this collaboration will retain full rights to their works.

Release Date and Source

Mark your calendars because ‘Our Bones Dust’ #1 is slated to hit the shelves on December 6, launching what promises to be a truly captivating series. Stay tuned for the captivating journey that awaits in the enigmatic world of ‘Our Bones Dust’!

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