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Will The Global Economy Bounce Back To Life In 2020

2019 has been a year to remember in financial markets.

After the US Treasury yield curve inverted for the first time fears of a global downturn dropped.

The combination of those factors weighed heavily on financial development and industry opinion.

Because of fiscal and financial policymakers that have intervened to restore confidence has witnessed the rate of central bank.

The aging bull bicycle likely to endure a bit longer

Risks which may upset a potential retrieval

We believe that China and US have incentives.

Any re-escalation in exchange tensions might lead to a blow to international equity markets and economic action.

Another danger that could cause a situation that is similar is a central bank policy mistake.

Following states tightened we found among the very in markets.

Thus banks in 2020 will have little room for mistake.

A number of these risks have the potential to develop into a swan occasion.

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Sallie Anderson
Sallie Anderson
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