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Arta Partners with Chainlink Labs to Create Regulatory-Compliant Investment Tokens for Cross-Chain Consensus and Interoperability

Arta Partners with Chainlink Labs to Create Regulatory-Approved Blockchain Investments


Arta has made an alliance with Chainlink Labs to create regulatory-approved symbols of matching, crossing, and dam boxes traditional and pending blockchain investments regulatory consent.

Cooperation with Chainlink Labs

Arta cooperates with Chainlink Labs to create a new kind of investment token. It works across different blockchain systems and is compatible with financial systems.

Chow Tai Fook Family Announcement

Arta Investment Clients

These codes will allow Arta Investment Clients to invest in products using regular fiat currencies, such as the dollar or euro. However, before that can take place, the company will need approval from financial organizers.

Chainlink Technology

With Chainlink technology, investors can buy these new symbols using their favorite blockchain network. At the same time, they can earn money from investments in the standard currency. In short, this development will connect the world of digital currencies with traditional investment.

Arta Global Subsidiary

It could be Arta’s subsidiary, Arta Global, in charge of selling these tokens and managing the funds, pending the necessary approvals. For now, it is a waiting game to find out if the regulators give the green light for the new mixes of blockchain and fiat currency investment.

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