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F1 23 Update 1.19: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes

F1 23 Update 1.19 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing F1 23, make sure to update to version 1.19 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

F1 23 Update 1.19

  • In the latest update for F1 23, version 1.19, several important fixes and improvements have been made to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Here are the details of each fix:

1. McLaren Chrome Livery Rendering in MyTeam Mode:

  • One of the major issues that has been addressed in this update is the rendering problem with the McLaren Chrome livery in MyTeam mode. Previously, players were encountering rendering errors that affected the appearance of this particular livery. However, the developers have diligently worked on this issue and have now fixed it, ensuring that the McLaren Chrome livery looks visually appealing and accurately represented in the game.

2. Improved Fog Effect for Replay Cameras on Night Tracks:

  • Another significant improvement has been made in terms of the fog effect used for replay cameras on night tracks. Previously, players noticed that the fog effect was not up to par and did not provide an immersive experience during replays. With this update, the fog effect has been refined and enhanced, creating a more realistic and captivating atmosphere during replay sequences on night tracks.

3. Fixed Unbalanced Grip Levels on the Starting Grid in Wet Conditions:

  • A troublesome issue affecting the starting grid in wet conditions has also been addressed. Previously, players noticed that the grip levels on the starting grid were unbalanced when racing in wet conditions. This led to unfair advantages for certain drivers, which compromised the integrity of the gameplay. However, the developers have rectified this issue in the latest update, ensuring that the grip levels on the starting grid are now appropriately balanced, providing a fair and competitive environment for all players.

4. Resolved Issue with Slick Tyres Assigned During Dynamic Weather and Red Flag Situations:

  • Another fix included in this update is a problem related to tyre selection during dynamic weather and red flag situations. Prior to the update, there was a bug that allowed slick tyres to be assigned to a player’s car when the rest of the field had switched to wet tyres after a red flag. This inconsistency disrupted the realism and fairness of the race. Fortunately, the developers have resolved this issue, ensuring that the correct tyre allocation is made in accordance with the weather conditions and race circumstances.

5. AI Drivers No Longer Run Out of Fuel at Japan/Suzuka in 100% Races:

  • During 100% races at the Japan/Suzuka circuit, players encountered an issue where some AI drivers would run out of fuel. This issue compromised the authenticity and competitiveness of the race. However, the developers have diligently addressed this problem and have fixed it in the latest update. Players can now enjoy 100% races at Japan/Suzuka without worrying about AI drivers running out of fuel, leading to a more immersive and challenging racing experience.

6. Visual Issue with Podium Pass XP Award Display Fixed:

  • Lastly, a visual issue related to the Podium Pass XP award display has been resolved. Previously, players encountered an error where the Podium Pass XP was not correctly shown as being awarded. This discrepancy affected the overall progress tracking and satisfaction of players in the game. However, with this update, the developers have fixed this visual issue, ensuring that the correct Podium Pass XP is displayed and awarded accurately, allowing players to track their progress and achievements more efficiently.
  • In conclusion, F1 23 Update 1.19 introduces several crucial fixes and improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. From resolving rendering issues with the McLaren Chrome livery in MyTeam mode to addressing grip level imbalances on the starting grid in wet conditions, these updates aim to provide a more realistic, fair, and engaging gameplay environment. Additionally, the fixes regarding tyre allocation during dynamic weather and red flag situations, the fuel consumption problem at Japan/Suzuka, and the visual issue with Podium Pass XP award display further contribute to the overall stability and enjoyment of the game. Players can now experience smoother and more immersive gameplay with these fixes implemented in F1 23 Update 1.19.

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