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Regime checkpoints in Syria Chickens laying golden eggs .. Pay or else

During the past months and until today, crises have plagued Syria that can help the mountains, from dollars to bread to fuel, then corona and many others.

In the face of this tired situation, the regime’s measures come to make the muddy worse. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Saturday, that the regime’s security checkpoints, which are spread at the entrances to the cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus, impose large financial royalties on all tankers loaded with fuel in exchange for allowing them to enter the area from the capital, Damascus.

“50-300 thousand .. according to”

The information revealed that what is known as the “light barrier” is common between “Air Force Intelligence” and “Military Security” in reality On the Malihah-Eastern Ghouta road from the capital Damascus, it now imposes monetary royalties on all fuel tankers in exchange for allowing them to enter Eastern Ghouta, whose value ranges between 50 and 300 thousand Syrians, depending on the size of the tanks.

In some cases, the checkpoint personnel take some quantities of fuel, while the “Military Security” checkpoint located at the entrance to the city of Ein Tarma, on the side of the al-Kabbas bridge, which separates the areas of the Os In Eastern Ghouta, and the capital, Damascus, royalties are also given to all fuel tanks entering Eastern Ghouta.

All these events come while the economic crises are exacerbated within The areas under the control of the regime day after day, raising the intensity of popular discontent and voices calling for radical solutions to the crises of bread, fuel, water, electricity and food.

The specter of recruitment also

in Another context, since late last February, the military police of the regime forces have continued their campaign of mandatory conscription in Eastern Ghouta, through their continued deployment of temporary checkpoints on the main and secondary roads, stopping bystanders and arresting those who have failed to join and those wanted for reserve service.

According to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, during the past few days, regime members have targeted the queues of waiting for bread bakeries in the areas of Saqba, Jisreen, Hamouriyah, Kafr Batna and Haza, and arrested 57 young men wanted for mandatory and backup services while standing on bread lines.

It is indicated that the fuel crisis in S. Raya had started to escalate since the beginning of September of last year, which prompted the regime’s government to reduce the quantities of bread available for each family according to the number of family members, while it adopted a smart card for gasoline.


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