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Jordanian victim of the name appeals to a Lebanese minister: Answer the world!

There are many situations that a person is exposed to in his daily life, some of which are closer to humor and some that are quite the opposite.

Perhaps this is what happened with the Jordanian engineer, Hassan Hamad , Who thought that the similarity of his name to that of the Lebanese Minister of Health was a funny coincidence at the beginning, before the outbreak of the new Corona virus made it otherwise.

The Jordanian engineer fell victim to the similarity of names, and now he receives hundreds every day Messages through his account on social media, claiming that he is the desired minister.

Until his paths are narrowed, and he posted a tweet on Twitter, in which he appealed to the Lebanese minister to respond quickly to people and relieve him of this trouble.

He added, in a statement to a local media outlet, that with the beginning of the global Corona pandemic, the focus was on health ministers in general, saying: “From my good fortune or bad, there was a similarity of names between me and the Lebanese Minister of Health.”

“Answer and Help”

He added, “I receive a lot of messages every day between requests and inquiries, and the matter started last April, and the issue developed during the recent vaccination crisis in Lebanon, where the number of messages and comments reached hundreds per day.”

In addition, the Jordanian citizen wished the Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hassan to communicate with people who need help and assistance.

It is worth noting that the Jordanian citizen is named “Hassan Hamad”, and the name of the Lebanese Minister of Health. Hamad Hassan. ”

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