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These are the best Water-type Pokémon

These are the best Water-type Pokémon

The series Pokémon is known for its diversity of fauna, with all kinds of creatures whose abilities and needs depend on one type of element. Many people underestimate the Water-type, but there are several creatures that have proven to be strong enough to earn a spot on your team.

For example Azumarill is a Pokémon very cute, but it can contribute a lot in combat. His Power ability doubles his stats, and he can become an efficient tank with his 80-point defense and 100-point health. Other attacks like Hidroariete and Carantoña can also be very effective in combination with Potency, since they respectively reduce the opponent’s defense and attack, putting Azumarill in an advantageous situation.

Another very competent Pokémon that comes to mind when we think of Water-type power is Blastoise , the first generation Pokémon that is appreciated not only for nostalgia, but for its powerful attacks, although its statistics are not the best. Fortunately in Pokémon Sword and Shield received the Shellbreaker move, which boosts its Attack, Special Attack and Speed ​​in exchange for its Defense and Special Defense. This makes it more viable to use his powerful attacks such as Hydropump, Surf, Hydropower and Scald.

But without a doubt one of the options to take in seriously account is Greninja , one of the Pokémon most popular of the sixth generation, of the games Pokémon X and Y , which stands out for its speed of 122 points, in addition to his Ash-Greninja form featured in Sun and Moon his stats are increased to 640 points with a significant increase in attack and special attack.

Riot's Greninja | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

But of course, the best water-type Pokémon are no less than two legendary: Suicune , Palkia and Kyogre . The former stands out for his defense and his special 115-point defense, which he can increase even more with his Peace of Mind movement, while with Rest he can regain health and remove the conditions caused in combat. This makes Suicune can exhaust rivals Pokémon very powerful before getting knocked down in a confrontation.

Palkia on the other hand, he benefits from a total of 680 points in his statistics, with an attack of 120 and a special attack of 150. His speed is not low either, since he has 100 points, which makes that their attacks can be very dangerous. It also helps that it’s neutral to most types, though its only resistances are to Pokémon of the Water, Fire, and Steel types, and not has no immunity.

But Kyogre is a distinct beast, and probably the most powerful water-type Pokémon of all. He certainly has the highest stats at 770 points, giving him 150 Attack and 180 Special Attack in his form Primal Kyogre . But even in his normal form he has impressive stats, a total of 670 points, with moves that reach 150 power such as Splash, Giga Shock and Hyper Lightning. But what differentiates it is probably its Drizzle ability that boosts its Water attacks by 50%, which are already quite strong, especially against Fire, Rock and Earth-type Pokémon.

Image - Primal Kyogre Trailer Anime.png - The Pokémon Wiki


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