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The Pentagon: The Erbil attack confirms the need for our efforts in the region

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Thursday that the Erbil attack in Iraqi Kurdistan confirms the need to continue our efforts in the region.

In addition, Austin welcomed NATO’s decision to expand training missions. Iraqi forces, stressing Washington’s commitment to defeating ISIS in Iraq and achieving regional stability.

He said that the attack that targeted the Iraqi city of Erbil confirms the need to continue US efforts in the region.

The Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, confirmed Thursday evening that NATO respects the sovereignty of Iraq and coordinates every step with the Iraqi government.

He also added that the alliance decided to expand the mission of training Iraqi forces and raise their number from 500 to 4000 He made it clear that the NATO mission would expand geographically and gradually in Iraq.

We will not rush to withdraw.

With regard to Afghanistan, Austin stressed that the United States will not advance A hasty or unorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The US secretary made it clear that they would review the terms of the agreement with the Taliban to determine whether the parties adhered to them or not.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was He said at the end of January In the past, the United States is reviewing whether the Taliban have fulfilled their obligations under the peace agreement concluded in February of last year.

In accordance with the agreement signed with the Taliban, the United States has gradually reduced the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan to 2,500 soldiers.

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