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The missing will be reunited with their families, I assure you: Prime Minister Shehbaz at the IHC

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif arrives at Islamabad Supreme Court on September 9, 2022 – Geo News screenshot.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday expressed her resolve for reunion of the missing with their families at the hearing on cause in Supreme Court of Islamabad.

“The missing will be reunited with their families, I assure you,” Prime Minister Shehbaz said.

prime minister appeared in court to notify of in governments steps contact the missing issue.

upcoming of hearings, other cases were removed from cause list. The court notice stated that only the missing persons case would be considered.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah told Prime Minister Shehbaz when he took from the podium: “We have disturbed you because it is issue. This issue was under consideration in this court for a few months.”

Judge Minallah expressed regret that the State’s response was not proportionate with your responsibility.

Main justice, in an obvious reference to retired general Pervez Musharraf, said: “The chief executive ruled the country for nine years. He proudly wrote in his book he sold people off abroad. This gives the impression that it may have been policy of state.”

“If we say of Constitution, there can be no state within a state,” he continued.

He said that the court is a constitutional forum and not an investigative body.

Judge Minallah noted that the case had been referred to the federal cabinet and that a committee had been formed, but “this matter is not only about the formation of Committee”.

“This court saw fit to inform you that in fact issue yes,” he told Prime Minister Shehbaz.

Main justice said the commission on missing persons were investigated, and “what came out was very painful.”

“It is the duty of the state to ensure reimbursement of their suffering,” he said.

Judge Minallah said that people were restored from detention centres, “but no action was taken.”

This impression influences our national security,” he said, adding: “The political leadership must solve this is problem.”

“Vanishing people this is highest the form of torture,” Judge Minallah said.

Main justice said the court has no other option but approach the performer. But when the state says us they are not aware who these people have disappeared, what shall we do then?”

recognizing that prime minister It was made desire to appear in court, leader justice said: “You work for in flood victims, but came to an understanding of the court [the gravity of] this is issue.”

“Enforced disappearances are a violation of the Constitution. Or you will have to say that the Constitution is not in this is original uniform,” Judge Minallah said.

He said that prime minister It has national safety of Pakistan in his hands and problems of this country will be decided when the constitution is fully restored.

“When small child comes to court who should bring the court to justice?” he asked, adding that the meeting of child with previous prime minister was arranged.

“You tell the court the decision. Who should be carried out responsible in missing persons case? justice asked.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said it was his duty answer the call of the court and appear before him.

“Child (son of missing) asked me: “Please reunite me with my father.'”

“It was extremely worrying. for me to hear these words. I won’t waste one chance carry out their duties,” he said.

informing the court about progress of the committee formed for recovery of missing, Prime Minister Shehbaz said the committee had six meetings. He promised the court that he would present a report before the court for every meeting.

Meanwhile, Judge Minallah expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the actual work was done despite constant assurances and the formation of government committees.

Main justice said the police in the uniform was held by two brothers from the federal capital. “BUT former the ruler admitted that it was a state policy detain people,” he added.

At the same time, the prime minister said that he and his brother we also the target of the “politics of the dictator”.

“If someone is missing, the responsibility lies with the state. The disappearance of citizens is tantamount to a violation of the Constitution,” Judge Minallah repeated.

Then the minister for Law Azam Nazir Tarar asked the court if he could comment on several issues.

In response, the head of the IGH justice said he didn’t want hear that government formed a commission and is investigating the case. “I tell you there is no missing persons case should be hemmed again in this court.”

Judge Minallah told Tarar and Prime Minister Shehbaz that all he wanted was to resolve previous missing persons cases as complaints were still coming to his court. in in this respect.

“It issue acquaintance back 20-21 years, it will not be solved in 10 days,” the law says. minister told the court.

Main justice asked why Baloch students are then compiled based on on their ethnicity.

Law minister responded by saying that the permanent solution issue was dialogue.

Judge Minallah said that “even personnel from the Federal Investigation Agency pick them up”.

Tarar said that there are “from five to six the reasons for this”, to which the court said that this is the responsibility of in government contact them.

Judge Minallah said that if the constitution is broken, then all the participants are responsible and also in if a person is missing in in the future, this would be tantamount to violating the Constitution.

“Your message is loud and clear justice sahab” prime minister said in response.

Law minister told the court that UN Secretary-General António Guterres was in Pakistan and prime minister had to meet him. At the same time, the VVK allowed Prime Minister Shehbaz to leave.

Moving on Judge Minallah said that issue at hand is that everything office holders claim they were not involved, no matter what issue. “If you can’t resolve questions, why don’t you leave your office?”

Attorney General for Pakistan Ashtar Ali Osaf said that indeed it is should be the case.

Law minister notified the court that the government was coalition government and he had allies like DMK-P and parties from Balochistan – who keep on missing persons complaints.

“We want all must be satisfied; we want open dialogue.”

Law minister said that government held meetings in it touches every week and what is it required two months before resolve this is issue and not a week.

The court adopted the ministers’ law plea for resolve the case within two months and adjourn the hearing until November 14.

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