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2 Cobb County MPs were ambushed and killed while serving a warrant in Marietta.area home

Two Cobb County sheriff’s deputies were killed in line of duty Thursday evening. sheriff office says they were shot while serving a warrant on Marietta-area home.

Two people were taken into custody after a nearly four-hour standoff.

Cobb County MPs ambushed and killed while serving warrant

Just after 7:45 p.m. Thursday, Cobb County MPs knocked. on door to home on in corner on Hampton Glen Court and Fenwick Drive just west of Marietta.

“As far as I understand, deputies made attempt hometapped on the door, rang the doorbell no one came to house”, said Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens. “As they back to their car in vehicle drove up and they assumed it was a suspect who lived there and how they got back to car how did he get into his car shots rang out.”

It was about 19:48 when the dispatchers first got a report something happened wrong. sheriff says deputies were able on the radio in dispatchers shooting.

“We have an officer down”, the dispatcher said. over radio. He was quickly followed series of thanks from law enforcement officers who rushed to the scene.

A few minutes later, firefighters and paramedics were sent to the scene. arrive on the stage.

“The shooter is still inside. information on another perimeter,” the dispatcher’s voice was heard.

Sheriff Owens says it wasn’t right away clear if both were in in vehicle or if one of the suspects were already inside homebut what did he do know was the manner in whose deputies were killed.

“Two of my deputies were ambushed and killed,” Sheriff Owens said.

Around 8:00 p.m., FOX 5 viewers reported seeing two ambulances escorted by a long line. of police cars headed to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

Gathered deputies and officials from different departments outside waiting for any word on the condition of the affected deputies.

gloomy news broken just before 21:00, both deputies were declared dead from their injuries.

Their names have not been released.

Hampton Glen area locked down down during the confrontation

Daimon Gunther, who life in subdivision Hampton Glen, says his wife was in home when the shooting happened but she didn’t think much of this is when first.

“She heard what she thought was fireworks, which is not uncommon. for our neighborhood, especially during the summer, and didn’t really pay any attention until her friend called and said, “Hey, you guys GOOD?’ Then she started looking outside and then she noticed everything,” Gunther said.

Gunther was met army of law enforcement officers lined along the Irvine and John Ward roads at the roundabout just southeast of Cheetham Hill Primary School. All traffic in direct area turned or redirected.

” last the thing I’m looking forward to tonight. I expected to come home from work and take a shower and get ready for work tomorrow,” he said.

Investigators comb over in area where two Cobb County MPs were killed in “ambush” when trying to serve a warrant on September 8, 2022 (FOX 5)

One officer told Gunther that perhaps only at dawn would he be allowed to enter his own area. Meanwhile, inside the couple’s home, his wife described the surreal situation.

“His like a movie. She is like this is like sit and look at movie. Instead of of TV is out window,” Gunther said, relaying what his wife had explained.

He told his wife to sure She was in opposite end of their home aside from the action.

Cobb County standoff ends ‘peacefully’

sheriff office says SWAT and FAST teams were deployed in home after the suspects barricaded themselves inside home.

Around 23:00, locals say they heard noise from the side of the house. home. They heard the order of the deputies for the suspects to surrender.

Some reported seeing smoke coming from home.

sheriff says the suspects eventually “came out peacefully.”

“They didn’t tell me anything. up by this point led me to believe that there were some sort of irregularities or quarrels with them at the time of the arrest,” the sheriff said.

Roads leading to the unit reopened around 1 a.m. on Friday, and part of division was abolished half an hour later. Investigators still surrounded the intersection where they fired took place with crime scene stretching for even a block.

What do we know about the suspects? in shooting death of two Cobb County deputies?

Two suspects were detained by the Cobb County Police Department. who will be leading investigation.

They were taken to the police station for interrogation.

The sheriff was unable to say if the suspects lived in home. He also Their names and ages are not released.

What is known, at least one of there were wanted for failure appear on a theft on charges of deceit.

sheriff says this type of violence should never have happened.

“We need do something with those guns on in street so all we can do is to prevent gun violence, as you can see, affects us here in Cobb and affects everyone throughout the United States. of America, he said. – we definitely need do something about it.”

Who killed two deputies in Cobb County?

Sheriff Owens, during his Friday morning press conference, began by asking: for moment of silence.

“This is a sad night, this evening, for townspeople of Cobb County and for Cobb County Sheriff’s Office and for law enforcement agencies in homethe sheriff said. – Even more So this is the night of heartache for two families from Sheriff Cobb’s office, two wives who lost their wonderful husbands.”

Until the sheriff called names of deputies, he called them “two young bright deputies” who served with “dignity and honor”.

MPs are first two law enforcement officers killed it year in Georgia under fire and first deaths in line of duty since the sheriff took office 18 months ago.

sheriff says both deputies were with sheriff office for substantially more than five years.

outpouring of support next deadly shooting of deputies

Early Friday morning, Sheriff Owens was joined by nearly a dozen different agencies who reached out to his office.

“Our hearts are definitely broken here in Cobb County. It takes a few prayers to help us get back to where we are need be,” said the sheriff. “And because of in people You see behind me today, I think that we can overcome this, but it will not be an easy path.”

Sheriff on the list off chiefs of police and sheriffs in metro Atlanta, which extended suggestions of support and help.

What words can you say when you lose family dick,” the sheriff said. And those words don’t come easily. But just I speak straight from the heart just pray for us because we need It.”

“Our condolences out to Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens and to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office after losing of two deputies tonight in line of duty” Georgia Bureau of The investigation tweeted. It was a feeling to echo on social media many other law enforcement agencies in Georgia after receiving news.

The sheriff said his agency was getting calls from everyone. over state, including governor office.

“Again, this is a very difficult time. for us but I think when one the agency loses someone, we all lose someone,” the sheriff said. “And I think that every sheriff and every chief can attest to this when this tragedy causes community it hurts them community also.”

sheriff says they work to provide comfort to families of deputies.

This story develops. Check back for Details. If you have additional informationimages or videos by email [email protected].

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