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The cloud world is driven by sustainability for reasons

More and more companies are citing better sustainability as a justification for using cloud computing. There is more to this trend than good PR, InfoWorld says.

Today, most companies want to get close to zero carbon emissions, and the reasons go beyond mere selflessness and PR. activity. Forbes reports that the effects of climate change could cost companies as much as $ 1.6 trillion a year by 2025. This is clearly a business issue that needs to be addressed.

In addition, emerging regulations target the carbon footprint of companies and governments. Compliance reviews will monitor the effectiveness of the company, especially the optimization of computing resources. Depending on the countries in which a given company operates, this carbon regulatory trend could be driven by millions of dollars in fines and / or negative publicity.

Cloud computing can provide better resource sharing, which reduces total CO2 emissions. Sustainability has emerged as a natural and very significant side effect of the transition from on-premises data centers to cloud computing. Therefore, service providers are currently pushing for more cloud-based innovation, in particular for sustainability.

Cloud service providers are increasingly using renewable energy to open up more carbon-efficient platforms for applications and data. Companies can take advantage of some solar and wind power, but they don’t reach the scale of hyperscalers. Therefore, it is more CO2 efficient to outsource processing to public cloud providers than for a company to build its own wind or solar power plants.

Furthermore, the cloud model itself is inherently efficient. The cloud is about sharing resources. Companies use only a portion of the servers in their own data centers, and some on-site servers take up only 10 percent on average. This is largely because they need to purchase computing and storage resources well before they experience needs.

Public cloud providers make much better use of resources because they can handle the needs of many tenants among the available resources. . A single virtual cloud server can support a workload that would normally require a hundred times more privately owned servers, which in turn would consume a hundred times more energy.

Progress is already being made in the role of cloud computing in companies in sustainability. In addition to multiple rental savings, increased business agility as well as value from on-demand scalability should be considered. Public clouds will continue to evolve from green to very green.

Future innovations by cloud providers will improve energy efficiency, including renewables, custom CPUs and other equipment that is better optimized than data currently available in data centers.

In the future, sustainability will become an increasingly important factor in the overall return on cloud projects. The upcoming innovations of service providers and the constant shift to the cloud are pointing in the right direction for the health of the planet, says InfoWorld.

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