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Libya .. The 5 + 5 Committee is heading to Turkey and Russia to solve the mercenary file

A member of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee, Lieutenant-General Khairi Al-Tamimi, announced in a statement to Al-Arabiya.net that the committee will turn this month to Russia and Turkey to discuss with officials of these two countries the file of removing foreign mercenaries from Libyan territory.)

He added that the committee will head to Russia and Turkey after the Paris conference on Libya to be held on November 12, to discuss ways and prospects for cooperation and coordination with them to get mercenaries and all foreign forces out of Libya.

(This comes, while the file of the withdrawal of mercenaries between the Libyan authorities and some international powers, led by Russia and Turkey, is still on the table, with the continued presence of Syrian mercenaries transferred by Ankara to Libya, in separate areas of the west and east of Libya.

Regional and Western pressures

The Libyan authorities and regional and Western countries are pressing to expel all foreign mercenaries from the country, and consider that achieving stability and lasting peace in Libya is directly related to the final exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries.

The two parties to the conflict had reached a ceasefire agreement a year ago in the Swiss city of Geneva, stipulating the withdrawal of all mercenaries and Foreign forces from Libya by last January, but the controversy of the two parties and the countries concerned with this issue hindered the removal of mercenaries from Libyan territory.

Factions loyal to Turkey send mercenaries to Libya

No tangible progress

Despite the intensive meetings of the Joint Military Committee to resolve the issue of mercenaries, no tangible progress has been achieved in the process of withdrawing them from the territories With the exception of the understanding between the members of the committee on a plan and schedule regulating the process of their expulsion in stages, and announcing the good intentions of some countries concerned with this file (Chad, Sudan and Niger), in exchange for Turkish intransigence and Russian denial of its relationship with the Wagner Group fighters present in Libya.

According to United Nations estimates, about 20 thousand foreign mercenaries have been stationed in Libya, since December 2020.

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