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Soulja Boy's new console promises an absent option on Nintendo Switch

The new Soulja Boy console promises an option absent on Nintendo Switch

Surely many of you know that the rapper Soulja Boy has entered the world of videogames with different projects. While he has had some legal troubles in the past, such as when he sold Chinese game consoles under another name, now he is back with a new product.

This is a portable console known as TRDR Pocket which appears to be based on older hardware and is already for sale. This would be based on Retroid Pocket, cloned as Powkiddy A19 and focused on emulation running Android. This is the main attraction that the rapper is using for his promotion.

Thanks to this system, the console can install applications like Netflix and more, something that the Nintendo Switch, the most successful portable console of the moment, really cannot do. In this way, TRDR Pocket allows us to “enjoy social network applications and have fun with their games.”

The truth is that the price of the console is twice that of other products with similar characteristics, which usually cost about $ 100. Also, it seems that Go Games , the Spanish company behind the original creation of the TRDR Pocket, does not seem to be aware of this promotion from Soulja Boy, who has already shared on social networks that a successor is on the way.

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