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Electronic Arts suffers a cyberattack and hackers manage to seize source code and tools from the Frostbite engine

Electronic Arts suffers a cyber attack and hackers manage to seize source code and tools from the Frostbite engine

As we previously informed you, last November, Capcom suffered a cyberattack that could have compromised the data of your customers. The company claimed that this information was secure, although it acknowledged that the attackers had managed to steal confidential data from customers such as banking information.

On the other hand, in December last year, koei Tecmo’s European website was attacked by hackers , thus accessing account names, encrypted passwords and email addresses. However, it was confirmed that no information on credit cards or similar payment methods had been accessed. In total, it seems that there were some 65,000 accounts of the Koei Tecmo Europe forum affected after the attack that occurred on December 25, 2020.

Finally, last February CD Projekt RED suffered a cyber attack . According to what was shared by the game’s official Twitter account, this attack was caused by “an unidentified actor who gained unauthorized access to its internal network.” In the message, they added that they now had access to the source codes for Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent, and The Witcher 3 and threatened to leak an unreleased version of The Witcher 3.

Well, this time we get more bad news in this regard. It turns out that Electronic Arts has suffered a cyberattack and it has been shared that hackers have stolen «a lots of game source code and related tools »from the Frostbite engine (known for powering games like FIFA).

These are the details that have been shared:

  • Hackers claim to have “ full ability to exploit ” EA services and have allegedly stolen 780 GB of data . Now they are trying to sell them.
  • An EA spokesperson confirmed that the company had been compromised, in a statement to Motherboard. : « We are investigating a recent intrusion incident on our network in which a limited amount of source code for the game and related tools has been stolen «
  • No player data has been stolen , and it is believed that there is no risk to their privacy.
  • EA has also improved its security since the incident and is now working with law enforcement and other experts as part of an ongoing criminal investigation .

We will be attentive in case you confirm something else on the subject.


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