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Powerful beauty: Hennessey leaves McLaren 765LT with 1,000 hp

A power that threatens to stay close to 2 seconds to reach 100 km / h …

Hennessey Performance Engineering has raised the power of the McLaren 765LT to four digits. The Woking hypercar, which already marvels at the looks and the desire for acceleration, has been raised to the next level with power reaching 1,000 hp in an equally powerful version of an unavoidable silver.

The North American performance house nevertheless emphasizes that this is the most powerful McLaren it has ever offered, but it also adds another curious thing: Hennessey reveals that the 765LT comes from the factory sooner than just the 765 hp that gives it its name.

John Hennessey guarantees that “Coming from the factory”, this McLaren “develops close to 865 hp”, but it does not say that this facilitated the work of his team to reach four digits; says before, “evolving the 765LT to 1,000 hp”, this McLaren “will lower the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph for 2.1 seconds ”-“ what’s crazy ”, concludes.

This change from the 765LT to the 1,000 hp costs 24,950 dollars (about 21 thousand euros) and goes through the reprogramming of the calibration of the electronic control unit of the engine, evolution in the air filters and exhaust system and its components, with a stainless steel downpipe, or the calibration of the chassis.

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