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Postponing a European project condemning it … and America “Iran should back down”

In an effort to give the negotiation effort between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran another opportunity, Western diplomats said today, Thursday, that France, Britain and Germany will not present a draft resolution criticizing Tehran to the meeting of the agency’s board of governors.

The Al-Arabiya correspondent in Vienna also indicated earlier that the presentation of the European resolution on Iran was postponed to the agency.

For his part, the American representative said before the Board of Governors, that the United States shares deep concern about Iranian developments. What the agency’s secretary general talked about. He added: Iran must fully cooperate with the IAEA without further delay to give the international community the confidence that Tehran says the world should have in the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

He also stressed that the withdrawal from The additional protocol is counterproductive, and Iran should backtrack on those steps.

Technical talks in April

In turn, the agency announced that its head, Rafael Grossi, will hold a conference. A journalist at 1100 GMT, without citing a reason for this, but diplomats said that he informed the 35-nation board of governors that the agency intends to conduct technical consultations with Iran in April.

This came after that. Earlier this week, the three European countries prepared a bill condemning Iran to put it to vote tomorrow, Friday, according to “France Press”, stressing the need to resume international inspections of Iranian facilities, after they were suspended by Tehran late last month.

It was Last Monday, the Director General of the IAEA stressed, with the start of the sessions of the Board of Governors of the Agency, that Iran’s recent decision to limit the access of inspectors has a serious impact, adding that it hinders the work of For the agency and its assessment of the commitment of the Iranian authorities. He also stressed that inspections should continue and should not be a bargaining chip.

It is mentioned that Tehran has taken, in recent weeks, new steps on the road to disengaging from the agreement, including moving to the level of uranium enrichment at 20 percent. And the production of metallic uranium, and the reduction of the work of international inspectors, with the aim of pushing the United States to lift punitive measures that stifle its economy.

Cameras and lifting sanctions

As it started from Last week, to reduce the work of IAEA inspectors, based on a decision by the Iranian Shura Council (parliament), he requested to do so unless the US sanctions were lifted within a deadline of February 21.

However, the two sides later reached an agreement. Temporary on the sidelines of a visit by Grossi to Tehran.

While the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization made it clear that the agreement will allow surveillance cameras to be kept in some facilities, but Tehran will keep the recordings and submit them to the IAEA in the event that sanctions are lifted during the three months Next, or destroy it permanently in the event that does not happen.

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