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After intensive consultations, Iran agrees to clarify nuclear issues

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed, on Thursday, that Iran agreed to clarify a number of outstanding issues about its nuclear program, after intensive consultations.

In a press conference, Raphael Grossi said: “The issues that Tehran agreed to cooperate on relate to uranium particles that we found in undeclared sites.”

He also announced the start of technical meetings in Iran at the beginning of next April, adding, “I hope that there will be technical or political results and Saudi Arabia.” The agency’s board of governors will inform it of developments by June.

satisfactory answers

He indicated that the board of governors, which includes 35 countries, welcomed this agreement and described it as encouraging.

He continued, “We have serious questions that need to be answered by Iran regarding its nuclear program, and we have not obtained credible answers.”

He also added, “There must be direct negotiations with Iran to obtain On satisfactory answers, “noting that if Iran is well-intentioned, solutions can be found.

Doubts need explanations

And Grossi stressed that dialogue with Iran will focus Their doubts need explanations, explaining that development with Tehran is important, but it has nothing to do with rework It is reported that Tehran has taken, in recent weeks, new steps on the road to disengaging from the agreement, including moving to the level of uranium enrichment by 20 percent, producing metallic uranium, and reducing the work of international inspectors, with the aim of Prompting the United States to lift punitive measures that stifle its economy.

It also started, as of last week, to reduce the work of IAEA inspectors, based on a decision by the Iranian Shura Council (parliament), requesting to do so unless the sanctions are lifted

However, the two sides later reached a temporary agreement on the sidelines of a visit by Grossi to Tehran.

While the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization made it clear that the agreement It will allow the preservation of surveillance cameras in some facilities, but Tehran will keep the recordings and submit them to the IAEA in the event that the sanctions are lifted within the next three months, or destroy them permanently if this does not happen.

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