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MST Minister Fired DG PSQCA After Illegal DPC

ISLAMABAD: Noting of illegal departmental promotions run by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) attached department of ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), minister of MOST has removed in head of powers with instant effect.

In his report published on On September 10, Pakistan Today reported that the PSQCA was delaying the DPC. for employees of BS-1-16 and BS-18-19 of Staff members of PSQCA in accordance with the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, Service Regulations, 2015 (SRO 419 (1) 12015), notwithstanding various shortcomings and legal issues.

According to the official Federal Minister MOST Agha Hassan Baluj, was also kept in dark PSQCA like when he noticed the process of illegal conduct of the data center in the ministry, he, as chairman of in board of body issued an immediate order of release of the General Director of PSQCA from his post. According to insiders, the order/notice was given to the CEO. who has been on a temporary/additional charge since December 2021, during the KDP in the ministry on Friday.

minister, according to insiders, may also take action against PSQCA Acting Secretary Umar Kazi, who as a member of DPC, was also playing en active role in The whole illegal process.

However, PSQCA Acting CEO Syed Ataur Rehman PAS/BS-21, sources said) who is also additional secretary of the MST, continued the data center and finalization of the protocol of meeting, despite the fact that the order was officially handed. When contacted, he declined to comment. on in issue speaking, since he was in charge of the data center, he cannot reply to requests. Although he initially tried to defend his act by denying his removal, soon he proposed to contact the Secretary of the MoST for official reply. MoST Secretary Ghulam Muhammad Memon, not reply on requests despite having noticed common requests with his via Whatsapp.

Earlier, Pakistan Today reported that, according to a court order and rules set creation of a divisionofficer in charge of head of in government organization can’t do policy decisions which includes appointments, promotions, etc.

MST failed to complete post of General Manager (DG) of PSQCA since retirement of CEO Abdul Alim Memon on September 25, 2021 of DG PSQCA is like temporary service arrangement for from day to day affairs of in organization on honorary basis.

An office memorandum of Founding department of March 20, 2020 on subject of an exercise of administrative/ financial strength, keeping an eye on the charge, says offices assigned with look after the charge is not authorized to take policy decisions. Appointments and promotions do not fall in category of from day to day business of in organization.

Interestingly, the ministry last week completed DPC of employees of PSQCA in Karachi, despite the legal and technical problems associated with process. The Ministry has appointed PSQCA Secretary Umar Qazi, Ali Bukhsh, PSQCA Director and Section Officer. of MoST for DPC in Karachi. Later, the acting CEO of PSQCA tried to run the data center. for BS-18 and BS 19 in the Ministry in Islamabad on Friday. Acting CEO of PSQCA and others appear to in hurry complete process before regular CEO takes responsibility of powers.

Interestingly, according to the documents, the data center list also included those employees against who has been ordered by the MST to take disciplinary action following a departmental fact discovery of a report of serious violations and violations of rules. Majority fact study group report in 2014 revealed massive violations in appointments under “package Agaz-e-Hakuk Balochistan in PSQCA.

In addition, according to the documents, these employees of PSQCA (of BS-19) who were raised in 2020, yes also was on in in list for DPC, clearly pointing out that they didn’t even finish the length of services to be eligible for next promotion.

According to the documents, MST, having conducted the data center and initiated the recruitment process, also violation of PSQCA’s own service rules of 2015, in which there were only two component centers. in authority, while seniority list of regular staff has been completed on the foundation of other centers that do not exist after joining the body.

Beyond breaking of service rules 2015, the ministry was also ready to advertise 97 posts in PSQCA, ​​violating Sindh High Court verdict regarding regularization of at least 34 employees (of BS 16 and BS 17) of various projects of PSQCA as list ready for advertisement also included these posts.

Most on December 21, 2021 of in post of PSQCA General Manager Syed Ata-ur-Rehmanu PAS/BS-21) originally Additional Secretary of MoST for Period of three months as the ministry advertised post of CEO of PSQCA in MP-I scale. The active charge secretary Did not have extended officially.

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