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Mobile administration is also expanding in the area of ​​simplified employment


The circle of simplified employment workers in the tourism, film industry and agriculture is constantly expanding. If 5 years ago the number of such notifications barely reached 5 million annually, then in the last two years – even despite the coronavirus epidemic – the National Tax and Customs Service received more than seven million annually. About half of the simplified employment notifications were submitted by employers through the EFO and EFO pro mobile applications developed by NISZ Zrt.

According to the experience of NISZ Zrt., every year more and more people use the simplified employment option. This form of employment is best suited to meet seasonal labor needs in agriculture and tourism, as well as the film industry, and has many benefits for both employers and employees. Simplified employment is created by fulfilling the notification obligation, which can be done through several channels. Employers can contact NAV on 185 operated by the Government’s Customer Service 1818, from a smartphone or tablet using the EFO or EFO pro app, available from the Google Play Store and App Store, or from a laptop or desktop computer at www. It is available from the nav.gov.hu ​​website under passport number 22T1042E. In order to be sent, the notifier must have a valid valid registration on the customer portal.

The digitalization trends of the past are reflected in the fact that today, even announcing simplified employment, more people are turning to online channels, of which employers in 2022 preferred the EFO and EFO pro applications. Mobile applications NISZ Zrt EFO and EFO pro in accordance with LXXV of 2010 on simplified employment. designed by law (Efo.tv.) to ease employers’ reporting obligations. Their use does not require any special knowledge; with their help, the administration of workers employed under a simplified form of employment can be carried out from anywhere and at any time.

The number of notifications via apps is increasing significantly every year: in 2020, employers made 2.9 million simplified job notifications using the EFO and EFO pro apps, and by the end of October 2022, this number has already grown to 3.3 million. data presented so far, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. At the same time, the number of simplified notices of employment received through the number 185 of the government’s client line 1818 reaches 500,000 per year.

Detailed rules and additional restrictions on simplified employment are contained in information leaflet No. 46, available on the NAV website.

More information about the EFO and EFO pro applications can be found on the NISZ website.

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