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Telangana Police YS Sharmila is dragged by the police with her inside



YS Sharmila car It was subsequently withdrawn joined her party, a protest march

Shocking scenes played out out on Streets of Hyderabad today when the crane is brought in By the police pulled her away car of YS Sharmila, Politician and Sister from Telangana of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, while still sitting inside.

He launched the YSR Telangana party of Mrs. Sharmila Padiatra against The K Chandrashekar Rao government was briefly detained yesterday following a clash between its supporters and workers of Referee Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in Warangal. Sharmila’s Padyatra, which has traveled about 3,500 km so far, has targeted the KCR-led area. governmentaccusing him of corruption.

This morning, she joined The party’s protest march to Pragati Bhavan, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s official Accommodation. Soon after it started in to her carbrought the police in The crane that dragged vehicle through citystreets.

And the visuals showed her sitting in The car As the crane pulled her, her supporters and medics ran with her. visuals also show Cracked windshield of The vehicleConsists in Yesterday’s clash.

Yesterday, while speaking at Narsambit in Warangal, TRS MLA Ms. Sharmila criticized local Bedi Sudarshan Reddy.

Her comments reportedly angered cadres of the Kurdish Communist Party leadership, and they attacked her vehiclewhich led to retaliation from her supporters.

“Why are you arresting me? I am the victim, not the accused here,” Ms Sharmila was heard screaming yesterday as the police took her away with her supporters.

In the aftermath of the clash, the state police “temporarily revoked the permission.” for Padyatra and sent Mrs. Sharmila to Hyderabad with Police escort. a senior An officer denied reports of her arrest.

“to past 223 days, me and me party Leaders and actors hold a peaceful contest in the badiatra to highlight the plight of various Sections of people in Telangana. “our rising Popularity has been shaken Chief Minister KCR and associates, who want To stop me at any cost, Mrs. Sharmila said yesterday.

Police work today against Telangana politician comes on heels of Class over The state police refuse permission for Padyatra by BJP President Pandey Sanjay Kumar. The police said they refused allow march as it is passes through a sensitive community area.

Then Mr. Sanjay moved the Telangana High Court, which allowed Padyatra with The contestant is unable to enter the limiter area Notified by the state police.

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