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in the midst of controversy over Hindi note by Amit Shah, Abdul Rahman shares post on “Tamil Goddess”

middle Strong reactions from Tamil political parties To the statement of Federal Home Minister Amit Shah An people of different countries should Transfer with each other in Hindi not EnglishAbdul Rahman, the Oscar-winning musician, Friday posted About “Beloved Tamil” on social media.

Rahman shared an illustration of “Thamizhanangu” of “Tamil Goddess”, a word from Tamil Thai Vaazhthu or tamil national National Anthem, penned by Manon Manyam Sundaram Pillai and composed by MS Viswanathan.

It included a line written by a modern Tamil poet of twenty century Bharatidasan from his book “Thamiliyakkam”, a book of Tamil poems that read: “The beloved Tamil is the root of our existence.”

Abdulrahmman post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media handles.

At the 37th session of Parliamentary Official Language Committee on On Thursday, Shah said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided that the means of employment government Is the official language, and this would increase the importance of Indian. “Now is the time to make the official language an important part of Unit of Country. among the citizens of States who Speaking other languages with Each other should He is in The language of India, the ministry quoted the Shah of Internal Affairs, he said.

In response to his statement, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Knesset member Stalin claimed BJP government He was constantly trying destroy India’s pluralistic identity, and this statement of the Shah was eliminating the unity of India. Stalin warned that Shah was doing the same thing over and over again by mistake, but reminded him that he couldn’t win.

this is not first Time has commented Rahman on The language debate. In June 2019, when there was plans To do threelanguage policy Is mandatory for All states, Abdul Rahman tweeted: “Independent | Meaning in Cambridge Dictionary of the English Language,” with web Link of meaning of the word in the dictionary. Tweet triggered Popular hashtag, ‘#autonomousTamilNadu’ by him fans all over the world.

Likewise when the center decided drop Territory of compulsory teaching of Indian in Non-Hindi speaking countries, Abdul Rahman tweeted in eulogy of Two Tamil Nadu language policy: “good decision. Hindi is not mandatory in Tamil Nadu. The draft has been corrected.

the two-language policy who is followed in Born in Tamil Nadu out of strange pride in The mother tongue, Tamil, which is based on on Confirmation that Tamil is the oldest language It cannot rank lower than Hindi or anywhere else language in India. For reasons of the majority and one perception native language will make judgment easierDelhi was constantly paying for Indian on various levels for several decades. But most Tamil parties and almost all Tamil politicians continue to resist efforts to impose or introduce in One national language in Indian country.

aggressive posture against Imposing Hindi also evolved In Company policy in country from the sixties. Government schools consider Tamil and English primary languages, while Hindi is not mandatory.


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