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Angel Lynn gives mom first hug in 18 months as family reveals the miraculous progress

parents of Angel Lynn reveals she hugged her mother for very first time since she was left paralyzed. This happens after family told to expect the worst on several occasions.

Angel, who was described as alive young woman, was left unable to walk, talk or eat after the horrific injuries she sustained in September 2020 on hand of her boyfriend, Chai Bowskill. Angel, who she was 19 at the time and was abducted while walking near her Loughborough. home in September 2020 and he was pushed into a van driven by Bowskill’s friend Rocco Sans, reports the Mirror.

It was on A6 that Angel fell out of the van, sustaining severe brain injuries that left paralyzed her, leaving her family shocked. Now there seems to be some hope 18 months down line.

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Degree of Angel’s injuries after the accident were so severe that she needed emergency surgery. for bleeding on brain. Since then she has been left suffer from series of debilitating convulsions.

The doctors feared the worst from the start with Angel. After she contracted Covid-19, she almost died leaving her family with potential grief that may occur.

“They allowed us sleep with her all week because they said she wouldn’t make it,” her mom Nikki said.

However, she survived and after the horrific incident, Nikki’s mom held her in her arms. daughter tight every day, squeezing every ounce of loving she could in her daughter motionless body. For several months, the Angel showed no reaction, but this changed two weeks ago.

For first Sometime after her kidnapping, Angel reacted to Nikki’s hug by wrapping her right arm around her mother. in return. With a light touch of the hand on Nikki back Then Angel stroked her hair.

This is the moment Nikki thought would never happen. She is, husband Paddy and others of Angelic family it was said on the few times an angel could die making hugs all more special.

Angel can now watch TV remote – main development in her recovery
(Image: Jason Sr. REDPIX)

“She is just put her hand right on mine back and started tapping on me,” Nikki said. “She didn’t hug much before, she was a typical teenager, but she give hug you if you were upset. This is very special have that hug now.”

Bowskill was jailed for seven plushalf years in January after found guilty of kidnapping, controlling and coercive behavior and course perversion of justice while Sansome was imprisoned for 21 months for part of it in kidnapping. This was decision what pissed off Lynn family, with court of Appeal that increases Bowskill’s jail term under 12 two weeks ago.

Coincidentally, it was at this stressful time for in family that Angel will make his incredible breakthrough. If there was no hug big pretty achievement angel, who now 21 and getting round 1 hour care, smiled and even tried to suck kiss.

She has also waved, held the TV remote and written words in answers to all questions using her right hand. She is also make noise too sign what can in the end lead her to reveal what exactly happened to her on that fateful day.

“One day the doctor called me and said, ‘Nikki, you’re going to have to accept that Angel can’t handle this,’” recalls Nikki, 54. His exact words were “miracles happen, but in Angel’s case will not be miracle’. But it was miracle. This hug was miracle. She looked right through you, there was nothing in her eyes generally. Now she can spontaneously smile.

“When she started doing sounds we gave her a pen and paper and said, “Are you okay? You in pain?’ And she wrote “No”. She can give you finger up for Yes. Now she can press the nurse button to turn them on. she understands this humor.”

“She had a cheeky feeling of humor. Gradually, I feel that we are starting to receive it. back”.

papa paddy also stunned by his daughters progress.

“She sucked me kiss,” he said. “She put her hand to her mouth and holds it there for for at least a minute, and then he tries to puff. She’s trying. It means a lot.”

Avalanche of small milestones coincided with Angel take off antispasmodic, baclofen. This is step they hope they can be reproduced with her medicine for seizures in trying to get her to eat again. Angel is currently currently fed through a tube into the stomach.

EXCLUSIVE ANGEL LYNN COLLECTION Angel Lynn before prom with Mom Nikki Lynn
Angel with her mom nikki before prom
(Image: Jason Sr. REDPIX)

Despite these positive signs, Lynns know that the angel is still in the grave risk of pneumonia, and cannot lie flat. For her to feel like she is home, family brought bed linen and towels from home her caregivers to help her recovery. They are also do her nails and hair.

In the end, family want her home. However, this would require building of expanding them home so they can have special tools installed. Lynn would also need hire a babysitter decisions What will happen cost lot of money, with in family are now doing their best to raise funds for Angel long-term care.

After much hardship over in last 18 months, family now dare dream that Angel will be even better. With all the hugs and kisses they give their faith grows stronger.

“She’s locked in, but every time I see her, I tell her, ‘Don’t give “Keep trying, keep telling yourself you can do it,” Nikki said.

To donate to the Angel Lynn Charity, click here.


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