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Imperial dimensions will bring ‘British culture’ back to shops claims minister

BUT government push to enlarge use Post-Brexit Imperial Dimensions Will Bring British ‘Culture’ back in shops minister stated.

Boris Johnson is expected to do announcement this Friday to match with Platinum jubilee queen to pave way for more use of pounds, ounces, feet and inches.

Being confirm plan, technology minister Chris Philp told Sky News: “It allows a bit of our national culture and heritage back on the shop shelf.”

government was accused of trying to “provoke nostalgia” among Brexit voters at a time when cost of life crisis hard- pressed families.

Denying ministers ignored more important questions, Mr Philp said: government is throwing everything in it cost of life is a problem how we fair should”.

government prepares to open consultations in how to further include imperial dimensions after Brexit. No. 10 hopes move maybe the coast up support in Polling stations.

Labor Party MP Angela Eagle said the measurement move was a “pathetic” attempt to “arm nostalgia”.

Conservative MP Alicia Kearns also criticized move. She said “no one” of her voters called for imperial measurements.

“This is not freedom Brexit. This is nonsense,” said Miss Kearns. who said she no longer has confidence in mr johnson in commemoration of Partygate scandal.

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood is another critic of Prime Minister, said the bringer back imperial measurements as a desperate attempt up as well as chase slice off electorate.”

The Chairman of the Defense Committee said: “There will be some people in our party which will like it’s nostalgia policy in hope it’s enough win in next elections. But it’s not. Is not one- national conservative thinking, ie. required apply outside of our base.”

The EU Weights and Measures Directive came into force. force in 2000 with merchants legally required to use metric units for sale by weight or measure of fresh food.

it remains legal price products in pounds and ounces, but they should appear next to price in grams and kilograms.

Independent understands what was said, what will not be move from metric units, but the consultation will consider where it makes sense to include or switch to imperial measurements such as feet and yards as well as pints and gallons.

this is part of wider efforts in Whitehall in review what are the EU rules remain on UK law codes after Brexit.

Johnson is said to be planning a “bonfire”. of EU regulations in shore application up support among deputies and voters supporting Brexit. BUT list of rules set will be canceled announced along with the Brexit freedom bill, according to i news.

Meanwhile, it turned out that family of average earnings will be about £800 worse off this year, even after an additional £15bn package of support announced Chancellor Rishi Sunak last a week.

Analysis from the Commons library shows those two median full temps earning £33,790 each would pay an additional £220. year.

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