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Edinburgh crime: Niddry riots: Police blockade Niddry Maines Road after a bonfire and fireworks are lit. thrown

Riots broke out out in Niddry on Bonfire night as young men in balaclavas on motorcycles lit fire in middle of road, aimed fireworks at residents and attacked emergency services vehicles.

Police closed Niddry Maines Road to traffic between intersections. with Duddingston Park South and Duddington Road West after a bonfire was lit in both lanes. of in street next to Paterson Place. Footage taken at the scene shows young men in masks go through the residential area, with fireworks thrown close to where people stood. Parts of temporary bus stop also pulled out onto the road.

On Saturday evening, the Scottish Police addressed the residents in in area to remain indoors while they called the members of in public to avoid in area. The spokesman said the warnings came as the officers were busy with “Reports of various incidents, including anti-social use of fireworks, break-in to shop and road closures.

BUT fire was illuminated on road blocking traffic

He added what a bottle containing flammable liquid was thrown into the police van, but added is not one was injured, no damage caused.

officers in Capital works in of Operation Crackle, which was launched to combat social and criminal Events on and around Bonfire Night, and Operation Moonbeam, which affects high levels of public riots and violence, were sent to the scene along with specialists. Several police vans were seen patrolling the area. area in early hours of Sunday morning.

One resident who life off Niddrie Maines Road told the Evening News that it was one of several incidents involving the gang of young people in in last two weeks.

“They were throwing fireworks under cars on Halloween was also incident with two weeks ago, she said. “When I saw all the police, I realized that something else had happened. with It. Seems like it’s always been that way.”

Police vans were seen patrolling area
Massive police operation begins way in Niddry
The police blocked Niddry Maines Road at both ends.

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