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Imran Khan in pole position – Newspaper

FIRST things first. No one can sufficiently condemn a violent attempt to cause physical harm or kill political leader regardless of seriousness of disagreement with their views. It is possible only with relief and gratitude Imran Khan on road to recovery after surgeons corrected up his bullet and shrapnel wounds, including a fracture in his leg.

During his first live appeal to supporters from the hospital after surviving the assassination attempt on his life, with his broken right leg up in cast on chair, PTI leader blamed prime ministerinterior minister and DG C, ISI, for attempt on called his life on supporters would protest daily until the three resigned.

Edition: going public with his accusations, Imran accepted step he may find it impossible to reverse

He repeated his previous warning that if peaceful change is not secured, there will be a bloody revolution like Iran as he went through every element of its multipoint narrative is honed to perfection over well of in past several years and set to account for his exile from office in a vote of no-confidence in April of this year.

Apart from this rather repetitive message that was relayed to him support base with speaking effect for in past a few months there were two significant points to be chosen up from his long statement. first consisted in the fact that he put his “distant march” on hold until he back to full fitness to lead it again.

We may be right in assuming the PTI march is unlikely to resume before new year if that’s the case at all.

Medical experts put a period of recovery from a fracture of the tibia, “shin” in up up to 20 weeks, but in in no case less than a couple of months. During the healing phase, doctors say walking or standing, i.e. everything that is associated with weight gain. on the affected leg/bone is not allowed, so patient grounded.

Then we might be right in assuming the march is unlikely to resume before new yearif it resumes at all. By the time that decision about office of Main of army headquarters will be taken and at least on what one decisive front, which is often called cause of many political convulsions in country, all anxiety had to stop.

In turn, this would also means what in in event new elections demand progress would have been made, such an exercise would not have been possible before the start of summer soon and possibly even later, say June/July or August. Ban, of Of course, dramatic, unforeseen events. For me, this was the most important takeaway from Khan’s speech.

second a significant factor was that even when he named key figure of intelligence service, Mr. Khan, and later some of his party men such as Assad Umar did not quote all high command such as COAS or even DG ISI. for in the attack, not to mention the institution.

If it was tactical move it made little sense in fact looked naive because in in a supposedly disciplined institution it would be almost impossible for two-star so brazen to go on flying solo without risking your career; he wouldn’t last day in his work if his intended actions or actions led to light.

An almost unprecedented written response from ISPR following Mr. Khan’s appeal confirmed this. He mentioned the “PTI Chairman” as he strongly denied his allegations, calling them baseless and irresponsible, and made clear the institution stood firm behind named officer. ISPR Statement added in government It was suggested that the matter be investigated and legal action instituted.”against those responsible for slander and false accusations against institution and its officials without any evidence.

By the time these lines appear in print, you must have received such an extensive amount of information as well as disinformation, accusations and “expert” opinion on what a lot of videos firing case that makes no sense in talking about it again.

But one fact has received little attention and needs to be mentioned. how quickly and professionally paramedic 1122 rushed to the front of trailer platform where Mr. Khan and some of other wounded were of of course, helped by the rapid exit from this platform of some of the leaders of PTI.

1122 trained emergency medical professionals teams were Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi Initiative in the same tenure, he told everyone and everyone that he was determined to get General Pervez Musharraf elected the president in a uniform.

Even today it matches ‘win some, lose some’ idioms. Happening in case in his stated unwillingness to register the case with the police (FIR) against all those called by the man Mr. Elahi currently calls him his leader and frankly sees a panacea for everything that hurts us.

Reorient on attempt on the life of a PTI leader, glory to a paramedic who did brilliantly in providing the PTI leader with high-quality first assistance that enabled him to travel about 100 kilometers to Lahore and his own hospital. with his trusted surgeons, not the nearest emergency room.

From where we stand today it’s clear Khan’s story is effective, broadcast professionally and winningly. Does this government or other institutions about which they seem ignorant how to counter it.

We seem to be a million miles from March of this year and Mr. Khan seems to have pushed the Sharifs off coveted pole position for any electoral race How are things. Sharifs have their work cut out if they be claws back their best ratings in Punjab.

Finally, events since 2016 especially catastrophic for country. What do you want events led to politicization of key appointments for powerful security institutions is a question of anxiety and regret. Is it a hopeless hope that some lessons may have been learned?

Writer former editor of Dawn.
[email protected]

Published in Dawn, November 6, 2022

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