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Developer does not intend to make Halo Wars 3

343 Industries has no plans to make a third game in the Halo Wars series.

In addition, the developer no longer plans to continue supporting Halo Wars 2 with new content. Community manager John Junyszek said this in a blog post on Halo Waypoint.

“It is not always easy to be open and transparent – especially when it comes to one answer is going to be what the fans don’t want to hear – but we want to be honest: 343 Industries currently has no plans to continue working on Halo Wars 2. That means no new content updates or balance patches will be released and the game will not appear on other systems. Nor will there be a new game in the series. “

So what can Halo Wars 2 players expect? “We will continue to monitor the game and keep everything working.” In doing so, Junyszek says that it does not rule out that this will change in the future. According to Junyszek, there are plenty of ideas for new games in the Halo Wars series, but the development of Halo Infinite takes up most of the work right now.

Halo Wars 2

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