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Bilawal claims PTI threatened him with martial law


This was stated by Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari. on Thursday previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government threatened him either to agree to new elections in country or martial law will be introduced, insisting that former resolution party still haunted the same strategy.

bilawal, also chairman of The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) told the National Assembly that the threat of he was put under martial law via federal minister through one of his partners on the night before vote on in no-confidence motion.

“The night before no-confidence, I was threatened that either we would agree to new elections or there would be martial law,” he said, adding that PTI strategy was that no-confidence failed but they could not succeed.

He said that strategy of former prime minister Imran Khan and PTI remain the same – elections without key reforms or push the country into crisis. Imran “either wants new immediate elections or wishes to create a situation way for third force”, is he added.

In contrast, according to him, PPP policy that the reforms first and then the elections. “Our demand it was the same in in past the same today,” he said. “We must immediately repeal the electoral laws that were supposed to restrict the Electoral Commission. of Pakistan (ECP)”, he added.

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Bilawal warned that next general the elections could have been bloody if the political parties had not reached a consensus on some of “basic the code of behavior” for poll in light of growing polarization and division in the country. He complained that no one was ready follow rules of in game.

In his speech, Bilawal mentioned the meeting of senior leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in London, saying both sides were unanimous on implementation of the remaining points on Charter of Democracy signed by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in 2006.

“We should try to implement it before next elections,” said the chairman of the PPP, showing that the parties were working on a new charter. “Even if he can’t see light of day there should any of the code of behavior, he added.

He urged the political parties to agree on a basic the code of behavior and give institutions space so they can behave in in a non-partisan, democratic and constitutional manner. “What will happen left if there is no trust in democracy and democratic processes,” he said.

Bilawal whipped out in former Prime Minister Imran Khan and other PTI leaders for “abolishing” the Constitution and attacking democracy. He demanded an investigation into the unconstitutional and undemocratic events in recent past.

“Imran Khan considers himself sacred cow. Imran attacks institutions and the judiciary, but he should ask how and why he harmed Pakistan in international level for for the sake of of his own politics. We must stop this! Court and parliament have to play them role,” he said.

About the decision coalition Bilawal said that various political parties jointly managed it government. “Such situations arise when a country faced severe crises. In cases of war or state of emergency, political parties put their differences aside for for the sake of of in national interest,” he said.

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“We in very unique situation, crisis on on every front,” Bilawal said, adding that the situation is even worse than expected. “Situation in Pakistan is on critical dot; there should There can’t be two opinions on this.”

He accused former prime minister Imran of making every institution moot. “The harm that Imran and his former government have caused The constitution, democracy and institutions are above all,” he said. added.

The “chosen” man repealed the Constitution and attacked democracy. former prime minister, former vice speaker and president repeal the constitution and refuse follow This is from April 3rd.

“How could this National Assembly, parliament ignore such attack? I say that we should take attack seriously, make a commission to investigate, who was involved in it is unconstitutional and undemocratic attack”, Bilaval said.

“This is the position of in [Pakistan] People’s Party, which was represented before this united government what is this house should form a high-level parliamentary commission or committee to investigate the abolition of Constitution, he added.

Coming back to former Decision by Vice Speaker Kasim Suri on April 3, rejection of motion of no confidence against Imran under Article 5 of Constitution, the chairman of the PPP that the Supreme Court in This decision called it unconstitutional.

” people of Pakistan expects accountability of in former government for abolishing the constitution in offer escape democratic process,” Bilawal said, adding that “if we wanted democracy for progress then we will have to investigate these events”.

“This will in light of this is the investigation we will move forward on this front,” he said. “Because it attack was ignored,” he continued, “ former prime minister thinks he is a saint cow and wanders in country, carrying out attacks that against in national interest and our national standing.”

Foreign minister noted that political instability is damaging economy. Imran, he said, was “imposed on the country for four years and during his tenure, he destroyed the economy, isolated Pakistan internationally, attacked the constitution and democracy, and the rights of provinces.”

“Until today, whether it is Cholistan, Sindh or Balochistan, the country facing water crisis,” he said. According to Transparency International, corruption in in last four years surpassed all records, he continued. There were violations in every ministry, he added.

The wheat crisis was first caused according to the geopolitical situation. but now Pakistan, this is the region and the whole world I would like to face further difficulties due to the geopolitical situation associated with the conflict in Ukraine.

Even before, food security was terrible. problem as of pandemic Covid-19.

Permission on IIOJK

National Assembly also unanimously adopted a resolution on the denomination latest an attempt at demographic engineering in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) through a “delimitation commission” set up by in March 2020.

The resolution raised concerns over in series of illegal measures taken by the Indian occupying forces to change the demographic situation of territory, in violation of international law, “in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention and the relevant resolutions of United Nations Security Council (UNSC),” the draft says.

The resolution stated that the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) “is attempting to continue its illegal activities through delimitation.” of August 5, 2019 and all subsequent actions of which were categorically rejected by the Kashmiri people and Pakistan.


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