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Bedfordshire: cheeky criminal taunted the police by posting ‘catch me if you can’ under it wanted appeal | UK news

Impudent criminal who wrote “catch me if you can” under his own wanted the appeal was jailed for eight years.

Londoner Jordan Carr was wanted for number of offences, so the Bedfordshire Police issued media address via Facebook asks for in public help find him.

Under post Carr commented: “catch me if you can” – and it went viral, getting more over 5500 reactions.

But a cheeky joke backfired. He was identified and caught.

On your Twitter account on On Thursday, Bedfordshire Police wrote: “Guess what happened? next? We got him, obviously.

“Carr will now spend eight years in prison.

“See you later, Jordan, and remember, you’re not run away from us.”

20-year-old Carr from Anfield was sentenced to for number of crimes at Guildford Crown Court.

The police stated that on On January 29, 2020, Carr and his friend Mason Matthews threatened two girls. with imitation firearms in to locate of suspect in stabbing five months earlier on same road – Bedford Road, Kempston.

Mason Matthews

According to the police, Carr was stopped and searched by the police. in February 2021 in Kempston after an aggravated burglary where he gave the cops false alias.

The police later identified him as Jordan Carr and media appeal was circulated.

Classified as dangerous

Carr and Matthews were both found guilty of firearms crime after a week-long trial at Luton Crown Court in February of this year.

Police also said Carr pleaded guilty to a separate charge of serious bodily harm and possession of en offensive weapon.

force said GBH and possession of en offensive the weapon was committed while Carr was in prison where they say he attacked a cellmate with improvised weapons made out of knives.

According to the police, Carr was deemed dangerous by the judge and sentenced to total of eight years in prison.

“He thinks he’s above the law”

Police said Matthews, 22, of Owen Close in Kempston pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor with a firearm following the incident. in January 2020 and was sentenced to two and a half years.half years in jail.

Bedfordshire police investigator Detective Sergeant David Gordon said: “Carr is clearly an extremely violent man. who has a certain arrogance about him and thinks he is above the law.

“I welcome result in court today and hope that now he uses this time to reflect on his dangerous behavior and actions.

“He challenged us to catch him if we could. We did and now he’s going prison for very long time.”

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