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After a two-year prison sentence, the lawyers of the wife of a Turkish dissident are moving

Days after she was sentenced to two years in prison, lawyers for Basak Demirtaş, the wife of the Turkish opposition leader Selahattin Demirtaş, announced the appeal of the court ruling. expressed her intention to appeal the ruling, which was issued due to a typographical error in a medical report she used in late 2015, when she requested unpaid leave from her work as a teacher for health reasons. With the typo contained in the medical report that Basak Demirtaş used.”

I had a miscarriage

Also, both consultants added to Al-Arabiya.net that “the wife of Demirtaş had already had a miscarriage when she requested unpaid leave from her work in an educational institution less than a year before her husband was detained, so it was normal for her to use a medical report in December of 2015.”

Zinar added Karavel, who is also one of Demirtaş’s advisors, said that “the lawyer for the wife of the former co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish party, will resort to appealing the court ruling against their client to the Supreme Constitutional Court,” and It is the highest judicial body in Turkey.

Last Thursday, a Turkish court convicted Basak in a case of “forgery” after a typographical error contained in a medical report it used about 6 years ago. As a result, she was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

After a two-year prison sentence, the lawyers of the wife of a Turkish dissident are moving

Demirtaş and his wife

Unintended Error

In turn, one of her lawyers told Al Arabiya.net: “We did not want to announce this complaint because we did not expect the court to convict our client in such a mistake that was done unintentionally and did not result in any damages, but after The issuance of the verdict, we were obliged to announce it.”

More than one lawyer who defends Demirtaş’s wife in the Turkish courts is preparing to appeal the verdict issued against her recently, which would keep their client at large until a final decision is issued by the court. The Supreme Constitutional Court.

For his part, European Parliament rapporteur on Turkey, Nacho Sanchez Amor, described the ruling against Demirtaş’s wife as “a shocking matter” and that it went beyond “common sense”, considering in a tweet he posted on the website of Demirtas. “Twitter” that “the issue is political and shows the level of concern that the Turkish judiciary has reached.” In 2015, the main reason for accusing her of “forgery” was written It should have been issued on December 14, 2015, but in fact it was December 11, which the authorities found a kind of “fraud”.

In addition to the “forgery” case, the The Turkish authorities, Demirtaş’s wife, because of her participation in a TV program shown on the Turkish-language Fox Tv channel early last month, during which she complained that she was prevented from meeting her husband for 19 months. Decision on this lawsuit brought by the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation against Demirtaş’s wife.

Basak Demirtaş

Demands for release

It is noteworthy that the Turkish government has repeatedly refused to release Demirtas, who enjoyed parliamentary immunity when he was detained in late 2016, despite the demands of the United States and European institutions to do so, including the European Court of Human Rights.

Ankara accuses him of “terrorism” and of having links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Al-Turki” and “spreading terrorist propaganda.”

Demirtaş, along with 107 other members of his party, is currently under trial in a separate case related to the Kobani/Ain al-Arab protests, which are demonstrations that swept Kurdish-majority cities in Turkey In early October 2014, when ISIS was trying to take over the city.

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