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3 rockets were launched from Gaza … and the Iron Dome intercepted one of them

The Israeli army bombed several targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday-Saturday night, including those belonging to the “Hamas” movement, according to what our correspondent confirmed.

This comes after 9 rockets were fired in the Gaza Strip, The Israeli army intercepted 4 of them, according to our correspondent, who confirmed that “warning sirens have been activated in the settlements near the Gaza Strip.”

Earlier on Friday night, the Israeli army had announced that 3 rockets had been launched from the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Iron Dome intercepted one of them.

And the other two rockets fell. In an open area in southern Israel, according to what was confirmed by our correspondent.

The warning sirens sounded in the Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli army spokesman said that “they were launched.” 3 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel intercepted one of them, and two landed in the area of ​​the security fence. ”

As a result, Israeli tanks fired shells at locations in the Gaza Strip, according to eyewitnesses and security sources in the Gaza Strip. In shelling, the Israeli army said it targeted Hamas sites.

And as soon as the Israeli response ended, until A new batch of rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip on the south of the Jewish state, including seven missiles, and the Iron Dome was able to intercept at least three of them, according to the army.

And sirens sounded in the Israeli settlements near the Strip.

In another context, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip took part, on Friday, in solidarity with the residents of Jerusalem. The participants in the stands called for by “Hamas” raised models of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and chanted slogans in support of the residents of the city.

For several days, the city of Jerusalem has witnessed confrontations between Palestinians and the police, against the backdrop of the latter’s attempt to prevent them from gathering in an area. Bab al-Amud, in which they used to celebrate the nights of the month of Ramadan.

The events reached their climax on Thursday evening and Friday dawn, as the city witnessed violent confrontations between Palestinians on the one hand, and the police and Israeli settlers on the other side. The police announced that they had arrested more than 50 Palestinians in the city.

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