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You can also use this electric scooter in your apartment.

Although for now it only exists in the form of plans, if there is a company in the world that develops electric motors and scooters – for example, the Swedish TORT, whose latest limited edition motors, which we wrote about only on this week, then the exercise scooter described below has a chance to move from the drawing board to reality.

The car was conceived by four designers, Raymond Wu, Steven Lai, Amber Zhu and Ruby Xin, according to AutoEvolution. In Wu’s portfolio on Behance, he writes that the idea for the Gymo e-bike came about because of the coronavirus pandemic, when many people had to go without regular exercise because gyms were also closed. For this reason, exercising at home has become a solution for the masses who sometimes have to run errands in the city or just want to get some fresh air.

Gymo-Fit electric scooters are designed for sports enthusiasts (Photo: Raymond Wu/Behance)

Gymo combines these two applications, i.e. this is probably the world’s first electric scooter that can also be used as a home trainer. The plastic parts of the machine are 3D printed with a lightweight design, so you don’t have to start exercising to carry the scooter to the apartment, and also as a tummy tuck trainer. A small tablet was attached to the steering wheel of the scooter, which in street use plays the role of a “dashboard”, i.e. shows your current speed, navigation map and battery level – in home mode, you can perform various training programs on it.

In home mode, it can perform three types of training programs (Photo: Raymond Wu / Behance)

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the street mode provided, so it is not clear what is the range of Gimo with one charge, the designers also did not disclose what its maximum speed could be. However, since the practical machine is designed specifically for riding around the big city, it is unlikely that they thought about the characteristics that are typical for racing bikes, a compact small engine fulfills this role too. Another advantage is that, when folded, it does not take up as much space as an exercise bike, which in most households, after the initial infatuation, becomes an inevitable obstacle, and maybe an extra roommate, which will only increase the pile of clothes intended for washing.

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