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Court on death of IIT student Kharagpur



The family It was alleged that Faizan Ahmed was paid over The edge by rip


On October 14 a student partially decomposed body I was found in A hostel room at IIT (Indian Institute of technology) Kharagpur.

Faizan Ahmed A 23-year old mechanical engineering student From Assam, he committed suicide, police said.

for him family He was allegedly paid over The edge by grumbling and that his complaints were not heard by the management of IIT-Kharagpur. “she was clear issue of murder they said.

Excellent institute today faced Barbs from the Calcutta High Court, during the hearing, which noted that the incident is a case of jagged.

“There is strong evidence before this court and it appears that the police have been taken. for The court said.

“Mr SP additional if there is a cancellation from the IIT, please take action. Expect strict action, or we will have to take action against Administration,” the Court orally noted, in strong statements against The state first IIT.

I asked the court for Report from the manager of IIT Kharagpur on steps taken on complaints of Rough and whether the guidelines of the Supreme Court on The roughness was followed.

Faizan Ahmed family Pointed to deleted Facebook post to create roughness.

. said family. He added, “He (Fayzan Ahmed) was dismissed and he complained who Supported him at first withdrew later supportThe family’s lawyer, Ranjit Chatterjee, said.

“The observers were warning students about receiving complaints about severe ruptures,” he told NDTV.

“Now there is documented evidence of disgust on Campus and sufficient steps Not taken to control roughness. It was steps Taken, maybe death of Faizan Ahmed could have been avoided.” added.

He said the “worst thing” was that the institute was trying to shield comet and cover up rough on Campus.

“They are in Denial mode but we have faith in court and me sure The result of direction investigation in correct direction, said Mr. Chatterjee.

record a note of Evidence, the Calcutta High Court asked during the hearing whether there was repression of information by IIT Kharagpur. “We are expecting something very tangible in next hearing,” the court noted.

“We are dealing with It is a disease that can break students. They say some turns out to be men, but some are broken. Whether this will amount The court commented on the incitement to commit suicide.

Document claimed that second year Students are subjected to mental and physical harassment by a group of Seniors, noted the court. “This is corroborated by a correspondence addressed by Professor Saswata Chakraborty. This court is concerned know what or what steps Taken by moderators and management of IIT Kharagpur after receiving of information of What appears to be this court of troublesome,” the court noted.

court made Comments after reviewing the report submitted by the police on Investigation and additional evidence provided by Faizan Ahmed family’s attorney through a supplementary affidavit.

“The warning Issued to students in terms of Rough does not seem to be in harmony or in compliance with The direction of Supreme court. Director of IIT Kharagpur should Submit a report before this court in The court said in rearranged. court also Ask the principal to name the students involved in “annoying” in his report.

The High Court of Calcutta will now take up Subject on November 22.

IIT Kharagpur death The investigation is still under investigation but several more deaths have been reported in IITs across the country in The last Husband of months. There are reports of at least seven more student Mortality on the IIT campus.

The authorities of the International Institute of Technology say that they plan to introduce a way out option with two-year Diploma for BTech students for help They have to deal better with academic pressure.

IIT Kharagpur did not respond to repeated emails and phone calls from NDTV. Awaiting a reply set of Questions posted by NDTV on Send an email to the registrar and the acting manager.

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