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Upcoming AIBE syllabuses will be published within 15 days; Examination within 3 months: BCI tells Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the union council informed the Supreme Court of India that syllabus for Upcoming All India Bar Exam will be posted within 15 days and the exam will be held within a period of Three months later.

seat comprising Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and S. Ravindra Bhatt and Mm Sundrich He was listening to the Bar Council of India challenge to judge of Gujarat High Court, which allowed people with Other jobs, whether full Part-time or full-time, to register as lawyers without resigning from their jobs. In the said procedures, the court has been issuing orders from time to time to improve the quality of legal education in India; To remedy the shortcomings of Bar exam to explore the idea of room mode of young lawyers.

In this regard, the Bar Council has been directed to provide written representations to keep the court informed of The steps taken to realize its vision. according to latest Affidavit, the union council made a decision granting 6-month period for law graduates to leave their jobs after advertising of results of All India Bar Exam for Register as a lawyer.

Each state union board will have three registers for AIBE –

  • Record “A” must contain names of candidates who pass AIBE and certification is issued of Practice and continue in legal profession Itself.
  • Record B will contain names of candidates who be in The service or function is somewhere and has been allowed to appear in AIBE with pledge to give-up their jobs within a period of 6 months of AIBE result.

Significantly, seniority of These candidates are counted from history of give up their work and a certificate is issued to them of Practice (COP) only after they have made the pledge they have left recruitment.

  • The C record must include the names of people who Get themselves registered with Some state bar council, clear AIBE and their license is pending in in order to take up Some jobs/employment. that it also It is worth noting that law graduates who remain in Recruit for more from 5 years fromDate of Publishing of his/her result of AIBEhas no relation/relationship with legal or judicial matters, and seeks to re-join legal professionwill be required to me clear AIBE again.

In relation to Record A, Amicus Curiae and Mr. KV Vishwanathan requested clarification. According to him, the record A is supposed to contain the names of candidates who Passed the law exam and registered in “Score A” to be able to take AIBE, to anywhere else on clearance of Their names will be entered into the AIBE.

Accordingly, the Council clarified the position for Benefit of the parties. people who be in Employment and willing of Take the exam, will in Disclose in advance to the union council their work. They will be allowed to take the exam. Upon success they will make a pledge within six It will take months call Regarding joining legal profession. If they decide to continue with Their current job will have to take AIBE again when they want of joining legal profession again. If they choose join legal profession Within the said six months, they are required to provide proof of their resignation.

On the proposal of The Amicus, The Bench made Modification to “Sign C”. While that of “5 years of history of Publishing of The result of AIBE” He. She should reads asAfter 5 years of suspension of license“.

Regarding the C record, the bench also BCI was asked to consider what would constitute a “connection/relationship’ with legal or judicial issues; for Which one It is not necessary to restore AIBE. BCI, in An affidavit, it has been suggested that if the advocate Give up License to work as a public prosecutor of APP or some judicial or other services like who – which of law officers in Some companies or government offices do not have to retake the bar exam.

BCI, in In an affidavit, she stated that she asked Mr. Vishwanathan to be a part of Legal Education Committee of Bar Council of India or Monitoring Committee for AIBE. Amicus informed the board that he rejected the BCI proposal as is, but thought it could be a part of Follow-up Committee of AIBE as file special invited. Punch indicated that there would be no conflict of Interest if Mr. Vishwanathan joined The aforementioned committee as a special invited.

[Case Title: Bar Council of India v. Twinkle Rahul Rangaonkar And Ors. Civil Appeal No. 816-817 of 2022]

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