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The government should look at the supply, consult with stakeholders before making a decision on import from India: Mifta – Business

This was stated by the Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail. on Wednesday, what government would take decision on is it worth it allow import from india in in aftermath of floods after viewing deliveries and consultation coalition partners and key parties concerned.

“More than one international The agency has asked the government allow bring them food items from India across the land border. The government will take over decision to allow import or not based on provision on shortage of supplies, after consultation with his coalition partners and key stakeholders,” he tweeted.

Responding to Ismail, PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair said the country was “desperately” in need of basic food. items.

“Rejection of imports at lower prices in a short time will criminal. As we speak we can deal with politics later – this time international politics,” he added.

On Monday, Ismail said that government may consider importing food products across the land border with India because it’s sharp rise in post-flood devastation across the country, food prices have not been sustainable.

He said that usually in benefit of Pakistani farmers earn money and didn’t want open import. However, it was an “emergency” and trade with India would be open if need to be.

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It was a separate matter also led up in Senate Standing Committee on Today is a commerce meeting.

Senator Palwasha Khan questioned whether government was considering importing onions and tomatoes from India, to which Commerce Minister Navid Qamar replied that for now government decision was made to import items from Iran and Afghanistan.

“Not decision no decision has yet been made to import onions and tomatoes from India,” he stressed.

Qamar told the committee that government will contribute private companies in import items from Iran and Afghanistan.

” decision regarding imports from India will be decided upon consultation with all interested parties. Permission has not yet been received.”

commerce minister informed the committee that the floods destroyed crop and country can face food shortages from next month.

Growing crops were damaged during new it was impossible to plant because the fields were flooded, he said and pointed out that vegetable prices are rising.

downgrade of trade ties

Pakistan has officially downgraded its rating trade connections with India in August 2019 to level of Israel with which is not in Islamabad trade connections in general. decision was a reaction to the recall by India of Article 370 of its constitution, which granted occupied Kashmir special status.

According to the source, former security adviser Moid Yusuf worked on some suggestions regarding trade with India. On the record, former Trade Advisor Razak Daoud also spoke on several occasions for renewal of trade with India.

In March last yearEconomic Coordinating Committee announced it would be allow in private the sector imports 0.5 million tons of white sugar from India and cotton via Wagah border. Nonetheless decision was canceled within days after being heavily criticized main opposition parties – PML-N and PPP – who there is now in a coalition government.

With change in federal government this year the Ministry of Commerce in May rules out possibility of renewal of bilateral trade.

This clarification comes amid widespread speculation on social media what government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was considering a proposal to reopen trade with India.

“There’s no change in Pakistan policy on trade with India”, official announcement from the Department of Commerce said.

However, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in June stood up for the cause for trade and engagement with Another countries, especially India. Foreign minister paid more attention on engage India by saying it’s time for turn to economic diplomacy and focus on engagement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently issued a clarification on Bilawal’s comments that there were no changes in Pakistan policy in relation to its eastern neighbor, and it was “national consensus” on this is.

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