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Swisstronic Closes Seed Funding Round and Announces Private Token Sale for Its User Privacy-Focused Network

Swisstronic: Focusing on User Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Swisstronic: Focusing on User Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Swisstronic, layer 1 network to focus on User privacy and regulatory Compliance, has announced near of Its initial funding is $5 million roundAnd launch of that it private token sale.

Swisstronic closes seed funding round

After the successful seed roundSwisstronik intends to benefit from the funds for team expansion, technology developmentThe launch is planned for 2024 of Its main network.

At the same time, they started a private token Selling and providing to individuals and companies with An exclusive early investment opportunity to secure SWTR tokens required for Access the Swisstronik network ahead of the public launch.

SWISTRONIC HAS already closed on that it first an agreement in The current one private token sale, with MAQ Capital Home, based in the United Arab Emirates venture The capital is represented by Muhammad Abdel Qader Jihad. This resulted in MAQ Capital Home receiving $500,000 worth of future SWTR codes, which would allow VC to share with And contribute to the Swisstronik ecosystem.

SWISTRONIC private token sale is scheduled for run Until mid-2024, the following public sale of SWTR in the second half of the year.

Team and roadmap

SWISTRONIC main goal It is easy to use and secure network Who treats key problems like Legal compliance, data privacy and compliance. It aims to be the best choice for developers With an emphasis on privacy and decentralization.

Soostronic administration teamcomposed of Valery Pryzatiuk, Chief Product Officer; Mike Antonok, blockchain team lead; Konstantin Gogi, CEO) and Anton Polyansky, President operating Officer, brings a big blockchain experience Dating back To 2016.

Guggi and Polianski started their cryptocurrency journey with a private Crypto mining venture Worth $2.5 million. They later ventured into the telecom sector, contributing to projects such as the $200 million Tawasul super app in United Arab Emirates.

SWISTRONIC future The roadmap includes launch of Its main network in 2024, followed by decentralized messenger, distributed delegation system,decentralized oracle for enterprises, and assets Coding set in 2025.

These developments aim to position Swisstronik as a leader cost-Effective compliance management tool for web3 projects, potentially reducing regulatory challenges.

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