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Social media campaign against Pak army joint project’ of PTI and India, claims Khawaja Asif – Pakistan

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif on On Wednesday it was claimed that “negative” social media campaign targeting a tragic incident of army helicopter crash among flood relief operations in Balochistan earlier this month was a “joint project” of PTI and India against pakistani army.

After the helicopter crash in Lasbela, plot of social media activists and some political fanatics launched a disgusting and unacceptable online campaign to promote their personal and political malice, which caused a strong reaction from people belonging to all walks of life, political leadership and state institutions.

Decree coalition blames PTI social media team for smear launch campaign at the behest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

Turning to issue at a press conference in Islamabad today, Asif said that 18 Indian bills were found participate in in social media campaign.

“Their channels say: work Imran Khan does for us even if we spent billions of dollars we couldn’t create the look of network to protect and advance the interests of India in pakistan as how does PTI and its leader,” defense minister said.

Asif claimed that while the nation was mourning the Lasbella helicopter tragedy, PTI social media Accounts, with in help of Indian and other offshore social media accounts, were “slandering campaign” against country and army.

Referring to reports run in in media a day ago, Asif said the investigation into campaign It was found that 529 Pakistani accounts, 18 Indian accounts and 33 accounts from other countries were involved.

“This investigation is coming to an end,” he said, adding that action would be taken. on in results in conformity with law and the Constitution.

He said that this case disgraced all the people in front of the families of the martyrs, that “there are such people found among us who can fall so low for their political motives.

Asif said the data was “confirmed and verified.” more revelations will not keep you waiting.

Protection minister named the alleged PTI campaign, party comments by leader Shahbaz Gill regarding the army and subsequent statements of he is being tortured in police custody as “sabotage” tactics divert attention from judgment in foreign funding case.

Asif said that Imran subsequently distanced himself from Gill’s comments when he saw that move ended up harming PTI instead of receiving any dividends or political benefits.

Protection minister called for this process of distracting tactics be “immediately stopped”.

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