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Seth Meyers Shashlik Tucker Carlson for Trade in the theory of substitution

Welcome to Best of late night summary of last night highlights which lets you sleep – and lets you us get paid for watching comedy. Here fifty best movies on Netflix right now.

Several night hosts weighed in on shooting in Buffalo, New York over weekend.

Seth Meyers pointed to the right news shows like Tucker Carlson encourages white supremacy, saying the Fox News anchor “wants to pretend it’s not problem because he also openly and repeatedly promoted substitution theory on his show”.

“So how could someone come up with such a monstrous idea? Well, before only from the most extreme right-wing fringe organizations – your Storm Fronts, your neo-Nazis. But these days you can see it every night on TV, thanks to a Fox News anchor and a deer caught masturbating in Tucker Carlson headlights. — STEVEN COLBERT

“Now that doesn’t mean Tucker is responsible but I hope it is give anyone pause to find out what is their browser history matches that of mass killer. If I found out that Jeffrey Dahmer was really into “Lord of Rings, I might switch over to things from Narnia. — STEVEN COLBERT

“Besides, if you think that white people are replaced, who shop at Vineyard Vines? — STEVEN COLBERT

Shakira took on Jimmy Fallon in “Watch the TikTok Challenge once.”

Cast of Hadestown will be perform on Late Late Show Tuesday.

Actress Sarah Goldberg plays one of the most difficult characters on a television on Showtime hit series “Barry”.

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