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Sable is a rattling masterpiece

Sable is without a doubt one of the most eye-catching games of this year. With its graphic style, which is clearly inspired by the work of cartoonist Moebius, the game makes a crushing first impression. In a way, Sable is a small scale Breath of the Wild, but without monsters, bosses or other reasons to fight. The focus is entirely on wandering over sandy plains.
That wandering happens for a good reason. On the desert planet of Sable, all young adults are sent out to find their place in the world. This is done on the basis of a phase of life called the ‘Gliding’. Every youngster sets out early and late, with the help of a special crystal that allows them to float indefinitely and prevent any death trap.

Also main character Sable participates in the ritual. She has to complete all kinds of small tasks in her tribe’s valley in the first few hours of the game. At first she goes on foot, but after some odd jobs here and there, a floating motorcycle is waiting for her. This vehicle is widely customizable with a coat of paint and various parts that change speed and handling. Those parts or the appearance of the speeder are not really important. Nowhere does the game ask for high speeds or masterful control of your vehicle. It is above all a way to get from A to B.

Dune Climber

Of greater importance are Sable’s climbing gloves, as she spends most of her journey scrambling. Just like in Breath of the Wild, you can climb pretty much anything, as long as your stamina is big enough. So more and more mountains, ruins and crashed spaceships reveal themselves for Sable. The world may be largely empty, but your gaze always automatically moves to the next interesting spot on the horizon. In addition to places to explore and climb, there are small and large settlements where the inhabitants give quests or want to trade items with you.

Find your target

Ultimately, Sable is all about finding your purpose in the world. The assignments you get help with that, because by completing them you earn badges from different guilds. Once you have collected three of them, you can exchange them for a mask from a specific group, such as the Scavengers, Cartographers, or Guards. After a few hours of play, it is even possible to return to the starting village with a single mask and complete the story of Sable. As a player, you decide how long she needs to figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

Chances are that you will longest route home. There is a lot to see in the world and some quests take surprising turns. The writing is provided with some extra style in a unique way. What exactly Sable is saying in the dialogues is not shown, but her thoughts can be read when another character is talking to her. It is a stylish choice that gives her (self)discovery much more meaning. The excellent soundtrack by the artist Japanese Breakfast does the rest of the work.

Technical Wreck

All the parts are there to make Sable a modest classic, but technically the game is disastrous. The frame rate is completely inconsistent, there are plenty of visual bugs that interfere with the beautiful pictures and the audio also doesn’t always seem to be quite right. The gameplay unfortunately suffers from these shortcomings. Markers that are placed on the map can sometimes no longer be removed. The speeder now and then disappears completely and the climbing just doesn’t feel slick enough. That’s a shame, because in the absence of combat, scrambling is the main activity in Sable.The potential is there, but even a few months after the release date in September Sable is still a mess. Those who want to enjoy the beautiful world of Sable must therefore be able to see through these problems or be patient even longer. A next update could just take the game to a higher level.Sable is available on PC, Xbox One, and Series X and S.

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