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Revenge of the bus conductor talking Internet

Videos on social media show people Confused by what was written on e board

New Delhi:

bus driver in Madhya Pradesh, angry over He finally showed his job how got rewards in a way that everyone in The town noticed. everybody on The Internet, however, also her.

Local reports say the employer, Sukheja Bus Services, has dismissed the conductor. the long-distance The bus ran between Satna and Indore in Madhya Pradesh, 650 km away.

in a challenging work of Goodbye, the bus driver reportedly modified the words on e display board of The bus to say “What ****** d Sukhja”.

he is also It said changed password access The display.

Videos on social media show people Confused by what was written on e board installed on front glass.

that they walk up to driver who He obviously didn’t. knowHe appears to be asking him to verify.

Delhi-based photojournalist Roshan Abbas tweeted a video of The bus.

“From Indore, a bus conductor has been laid. off After being abused by some Sukheja bus services. Mosul decided to land one final Blow up by changing the display password. a new display It costs 55,000 rupees and a two-day trip to Bombay. “The revenge was cold,” Abbas said in a tweet on Twitter.

The driver Transformation off e display board After realizing what it was just It happened, reports say.

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