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PTI questions show-cause MNA notice Shakur Shad, suspend it party membership

Member of the PTI National Assembly (MNA) Abdul Shakur Shad. – National assembly / file

KARACHI: Sindh from PTI division on released on Saturday show-cause notified his National Assembly (MNA) member Abdul Shakur Shad and suspended him party membership.

development followed Shad’s recent remarks regarding party and his decision apply to Islamabad High Court (IHC) over his resignation.

Notice required reply from Shad within seven days if he wants to end the suspension of his party membership.

The PTI provincial leadership, including President Ali Zaidi and Additional Secretary General Imran Ismail, signed show-cause notice that how Shad filed his ‘handwritten’ resignation letter and shared it on his Twitter accounts.

party, the notice claimed that Shad referred to himself as former MNA in his biography on Twitter. The notice stated that the deputy had submitted documents as an accompanying candidate. for PTI Chairman Imran Khan for additional poll NA-246.

The notice states that Shad, despite strict party instructions not to revoke their documents, did so after acceptance of Khan papers.

party via notification, also reprimanded Shad for going against in partyx policy and “suddenly” approaches the VVK.

“After the approval of countless times that you retired … you suddenly left against a party policy and started a business in The Honorable Supreme Court of Islamabad, which states that you never retired as an MNA,” the notice read, further criticizing him. for gather in media talk against in party.

Shad was convicted for “gross misdemeanours” which, in the opinion of PTI, in “violation of party rules”.

it should of note, Shad moved to Islamabad High Court (IHC) on September 9 to speed up the process of acceptance of his resignation by the National Assembly.

Shakur Shad is a public relations agent for PTI from Liari city in Karachi after he won seat NA-246 during the general election in 2018, winning current Foreign Minister and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

The elections turned out to be a huge failure. for PPP who was known for holding a stronghold in a coveted constituency for years since Zulfikar Ali Bhutto founded party in 60s.

In April, PTI lawmakers resigned en masse after Imran Khan government was forced out through no-confidence traffic in April. Later, then Vice Speaker Qasim Suri accepted the resignation and issued a notice. in in this respect.

However, resignations of PTI members were taken out of print after Raja Pervez Ashraf was elected as Speaker of the National Assembly.

Subsequently, in Jul Shad was among 11 legislators whose resignations were accepted by Speaker Ashraf under Article 64(1). of Constitution of Pakistan.

After the speaker approved the resignation, the ECP issued schedule for by-election on free places and fixed September 25 as a date for interview.

However, things took a new twist on Friday (yesterday) when Shad contested his resignation in VVK, stating that he expressed solidarity with 123 MNA who It was left his seats, but he never retired.

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