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Portal + and Portal Go: Facebook announces new models

Mark Zuckerberg has introduced new portal devices. (Screenshot: Facebook / t3n.de)
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Facebook has introduced two new smart displays. Portal + and Portal Go are designed to facilitate connections with colleagues and family.

Facebook brings out new models of its portal smart displays. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this on a Facebook Live. The Smart Speaker Portal Go 2 and the new Portal + model should be available at the end of the month. Zuckerberg did not specify which regions this applies to.

New model: Portal +

The revised Portal Go has a ten inch display. In battery operation, the speaker with an integrated handle enables freedom of movement, emphasized Zuckerberg. This is supported by the 12 megapixel wide-angle camera, which automatically tracks the person speaking and keeps them in focus.

The new Portal + has a slightly larger display at 14 inches, but overall a more compact design. The HD display can also be swiveled, which provides additional flexibility.

The portal Go costs 199 US dollars and the portal + 349 US dollars. Both can be pre-ordered now. Shipping will start on October 19th.

New business service

Zuckerberg said in Facebook Live, the portal devices for both private use in the family as well as professional use in the office.

The devices also get new features for professional use. As of December, all touch-based portal devices will support Microsoft Teams.

A new offer called Portal for Business is aimed at small and medium-sized companies who can create professional Facebook accounts for their employees. This new type of account is to be offered for numerous Facebook business products from next year. Portal for Business is currently only available as a beta version in the USA.

Towards the end of the live stream, Zuckerberg dared to take a look at his vision of a metaverse in which people are digitally connected. He called the portal devices “Gateways into the Metaverse”. There will be further announcements on this subject at the end of the month.

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