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Porsche bought an e-bike company

The spread of electric bicycles was given a huge boost by the appearance of the coronavirus, as as a result of quarantines and closures, cycling became one of the forms of movement. , which could be cultivated more or less safely. However, bicycles equipped with auxiliary electric motors are becoming more and more popular as perhaps the healthiest form of e-mobility .

Porsche bought an e-bike company

Porsche acquired a 10 percent stake in a Croatian company called Greyp in 2018 (Photo: Greyp)

No wonder , as a result of which this market has become very serious, and car manufacturers, which are also interested in the production of bicycles, have started to develop their own solutions with great impetus. BMW has competed with electric mountain bikes under the AMBY brand, but we can also mention the e-bikes of the MV Agusta and AMO, and of course the name of the big old Peugeot, after all, the French have been dealing with bicycles for 140 years.

RideApart has now reported that Porsche , which also offers bikes to customers with a sufficiently deep wallet through its design company Porsche Design, acquired a stake in the Croatian Greyp electric bicycle manufacturer. The German premium brand had already invested in Greyp in 2018, but at that time they still owned only 10 percent. Now, however, they seem to want to carve out a more serious slice of this slice of e-mobility cake and also intensify their research and development into electric bicycles.

Az elektromos biciklik piacán egyre komolyabb a verseny (Fotó: Greyp) Porsche bought an e-bike company

The market for electric bicycles is becoming increasingly competitive (Photo: Greyp)

An agreement has already been reached, the parties involved are just waiting for the legal issues to be settled, and RideApart says Porsche will play a more important role in Greyp’s development from next year.

“We are striving for consistency in the e-bike sector, and our current activities reflect this” – wrote in his statement Lutz Meschke , Vice-Chairman of the Board of Porsche AG. “Porsche has been a leader in the plug-in hybrid market for years, with the introduction of our first purely electric car, the Porsche Taycan, in 2019, and all last year. An electric motor has been added to our three vehicles sold. Our further ambitious goal is to be CO2-neutral throughout our value chain by 2030. “

RideApart concludes from the acquisition of Greyp that the German carmaker may even apply for electric scooters and electric motorcycles in the near future

We have more to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here! Az elektromos biciklik piacán egyre komolyabb a verseny (Fotó: Greyp)

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