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Parts of commemorations in the UK up snow like more winter weather expected | United Kingdom weather

Parts of east england and scotland awake up squall of snow on Thursday morning with more snow, hail and sleet expected in dramatic contrast to last spring week-like weather.

UK maximum temperatures are forecast to drop from last week highs of 20C to reach maximum of 10s this weekend result of air coming from the arctic, bringing temperatures below middle for in second week of Spring.

West Yorkshire woke up up to a deep blanket of snow after a few hours of snowfall at night though Manchester and Durham also significant drifts were observed, and some light gusts were seen further southeast in East Midlands and East Anglia.

The temperature has dropped below frost between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, with some councils such as the City of Newcastle issue emergency protocols to address with sudden change including services help people sleep badly.

Meteorological Service yellow weather warning for ice covering a large strip of east Scotland, north- East of England and Yorkshire until 10:00 on On Thursday, he said that “showers with snow and hail could lead on icy surfaces with possible trip interruption, with snowfall can potentially affect roads at high altitudes.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxi said that of Group of showers passing through the east of England and Scotland on Thursday can turn to snow with potential for 1-2cm of lying snow in parts. “Any snow that accumulates won’t last very long at this time of year because the ground is quite warm,” she said.

Massive frosts are predicted for Thursday evening, and the Met Office put in place but yellow warning for but risk of destruction from ice and possibly snow on Friday morning in parts of Kent, Sussex, Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia.

Meteorologist Matty Box said that currently cold air weight” over Great Britain.

He added what will be similar chance of concentrated snow, rain and sleet in eastern and northern regions of Great Britain over Thursday evening and Friday morning.

That weather is an set gradually improve over weekend, with “fair amount of sun” and a few solar spells, Box said.

“The rains will become less frequent, but still with in chance of some winter rain in east coast and North Sea coast in especially before Saturday.

Maxi said contrast in weather over in past a week is not unusual for spring was caused change in pressure and allowing cold arctic air move south across the country. Since there is moisture in in air it can fall like snow.

“Spring is the transition from winter to summer, so you get swings. in temperature and weather type, you can pretty easily go from warm solar periods to colder intrusions with a little of snow and frost,” she said.

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