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On camera, a man kills his stepfather’s head with the help of the mother



The accused settled of The body in various cutting of Delhi.

New Delhi:

Other CCTV footage emerged of where the accused appeared in Apocalyptic East Delhi murder Looks to get rid of of The body cutting of victim, police sources said. granular black and white shots shows picking man up A plastic bag from what appears to be a field gets away with He. She. Sources said it’s Deepak, shakes up of The head of His stepfather is Anjan Das.

Deepak and him mother Poonam had planned and executed murder of to her second husband in Jun. In a chilling resemblance with Shraddha Walker murder the case body of Anjan Das was hacked into pieces and stored in Fridge.

Later, Deepak gets rid of of The remains in various cutting of Delhi. Their movements were recorded in CCTV cameras of The area.

Police said Poonam was angry with to her husband after found He sold her jewelry and sent money for him former wife, who Live with the eight children in Bihar. Then I hatched a file murder plot with Deepak, is it son from a previous marriage.

Poonam and Deepak are both arrested after the police finds them murder during the investigation of Shraddha Walker case. some of The body Parts have been recovered from parts of Delhi was found to belong to a man. CCTV footage showed a man and woman behaving of The body cutting.

During the investigation, the police found Anjan Das, a resident of Pandav Nagar, missing for months. but this family He did not file any complaints.

Police said Poonam and Deepak had confessed to killing Das in Jun. Police said his drinking was high and as soon as he lost consciousness he was stabbed. They let the blood ooze out all night, and then pierced body into 10 pieces and stored in Fridge. The police have so far recovered six body cutting.

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