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New York teenager Jeremiah Ryan faces trial on murder charge for shooting death of Bronx Girl Angella Yambo

Accused teenager of killing sixteen-year an old passer-by and the injury of two other teenagers outside The Bronx High School was indicted on a murder charging Saturday night.

Suspect Jeremy Ryan, defendant of shooting 16-year-old Angel Yambo, was ordered to be held without bail, at least until his next court appearance on Monday.

ryan, who was arrested earlier on Saturday, appeared in a black sweatshirt and black sports trousers in Bronx courthouse.

As he entered the courtroom, he briefly turned around to look at both of his parents who sat in audience.

The prosecution asked that Ryan be left in custody without cash bail due to gravity of charges – which could mean a life sentence if convicted.

prosecutors also marked the evidence obtained by the cops as reason not letting the teenager out – including footage of shooting, six shells caliber 9mm found in place, and gun what was seen thrown out of Ryan building clothes and sneakers he supposedly wearing at that time of shooting.

Angelly Yambo was 16 years old.

Ryan defense Devereaux Kannick’s lawyer gave in to people’s request “for present time”.

“We are happy to visit again issue [of bail]… I do not sure the conclusion is reasonable, but for as long as we agree [to the people’s request] and return after opening,” he said. in court on Saturday.

Judge Vidya Pappachan agreed to leave Ryan without bail even though Ryan has a perfect score for The New York Criminal Justice Agency recommended that he be released because he did not have criminal record.

“I understand that Mr. Ryan has no criminal record and received score CJA of 25 over 25, based on the charges that are before this court and the allegations set forward people, I do not believe this court does not consider that any monetary bond would be appropriate as the least restrictive condition for ensure return of the defendant to court,” Pappachan said. “He is currently in custody.”

When Ryan was escorted out of the courtroom, he again turned to his parents. “I love you”, it mother told him.

He turned and replied, “I love you too.”

His father followed up with”love you.”

Jeremiah Ryan in White shirt
Ryan told his parents he loved them before leaving the courtroom.
Facebook/Destiny Latimer

ryan, who paid extra of attempt murder and criminal possession of weapons are expected to appear back in court on Monday.

After the arraignment, Kannick said his client seemed to be doing “as expected.” for Ryan family.

“I sure like every second mother in situation like it’s you not know what’s happening on”, he told The Post. “I sure she mourns like all other mothers right now.

Angelly Yambo taking a selfie
Angelly Yambo was shot dead a block away from University Charter High School on Friday.
Facebook/Angelih Yambo

Outside of courtroom, Ryan parents didn’t offer any comment except to say “we’re fine”.

Ryan allegedly discovered fire around 1:45 p.m. Friday outside the South Bronx Education Campus on East 156th Street during an argument with about four other people, the witness told The Post. When a member of in group made movement as if he were going for weapon, Ryan drew gun and started shooting, the witness said.

angelic, and student at Chartered University Preparatory High School was mortally wounded in how was she caught in crossfire. According to the complaint, the bullet pierced her lung and pulmonary artery. against Ryan.

Two other 16-year- old students are injured – a girl and a boy who attend Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School and University Heights High School located on the same campus. They are expected to survive.

None of the victims were intended targets, police said.


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