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Nepra jacks up power price at 11.37 rupees per unit


National Electricity Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Thursday allowed to increase of up up to Rs 11.37 per item for Customers of K-Electric and the former distribution companies of Wapda (XWDISCO) who result in unprecedented campaign in in power rate for month of August.

Splash was made in context of Monthly fuel in June cost adjustment (FCA) and will help in government raise an additional 155 billion rupees in August.

power regulator chaired of Tausif H. Farooqi held public hearings on petitions from both the privatized company and state distribution companies who requested additional FCA of 11.39 and 9.91 rupees per unit respectively for month of June.

After discussion on data provided by applicants, Nepra allowed K-Electric to charge an additional fee of Rs 11.37 per unit and XWDISCO to charge Rs 9.89 per unit from power consumers in August.

this is worth mentioning here that for month of May alsoNepra increased power tariff at Rs 7.90 per unit for XWDisks on Account of monthly FSA.

Last week, power the regulator allowed the increase of Rs 7.91 per item in average basic tariff in the country in in three stages starting from July 2022. Besides, government It was also approved an increase of Rs 1.55 per unit in base rate with quarterly adjustments.

Petition filed by the Central Power Procurement Agency (CPPA) on on behalf of of XWDISCO noted that for month of In June, the reference charge for fuel from consumers was Rs 5.9344 per unit, while the actual cost of fuel cost was 15.8439 rupees per item. He asked Nepro pass growth of Rs 9.9095 per item for consumers.

In general data with regulator, CPPA-G claimed that 13,876.14 GWh of electricity was generated in June at cost of Rs 204.237 billion (or Rs 14.7186 per unit), while 13471.05 GWh was supplied by Discos at Rs 213.434 billion (or Rs 15.8439 per unit). Losses in June amounted to 2.92%.

The CPPA-G states that Hydel’s generation has dropped to 3,361.21 GWh (24.22%). in June from 3590.92 GWh (24.5%) in May.

The agency also reported that 1454.04 GWh (10.48%) of expensive electricity was generated from fuel oil in June, which was higher than 1290.33 GWh (8.80%) of generation based on RFO of May.

RFO based electricity in June cost was 36.2024 rupees per unit, which was higher than May cost of Rs 33.67 per unit. Not power was obtained from highspeed diesel for a month.

Natural gas generation provided 1479.32 GWh (10.66%). of electricity to national grid in June at Rs 8.9264 per unit.

cost of electricity based on regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) was also increased to Rs 28.3833 per unit in June from Rs 27.92 per unit in the previous month. Electricity based on RLNG provided 3390.54 GWh (24.43%) in national grid.

Coal based generation power power plants decreased to 1883.13 GWh (13.57%). in June from 2018.19 GWh (13.77%) in May.

Coal was a relatively cheap source for power generations compared with RFO and RLNG like this cost Rs 20.8077 per unit. May per item cost of carbonic power was 18.01 rupees per unit.

generation from nuclear power plants also decreased to 1265.67 GWh (9.12%) in June from 1890.38 GWh (12.90%) in May. For a unit cost of nuclear power was 1.1244 rupees per unit.

In June, Pakistan imported 51.49 GWh. of electricity from Iran cost of Rs 19.57 per unit.

Bagasse generated 83.01 GWh of electricity at a price of Rs 5.9822 per unit. Wind, solar and mixed sources contributed 811.59 GWh, 86.82 GWh and 9.87 GWh respectively national grid in June.

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