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Mother of girl killed in London gas explosion says world was “torn” | Great Britain news

AT mother of a young girl who was killed in gas explosion in London said how her world was “ripped apart” when she accused the gas distribution company of inability to bear out repair work.

Sahara Salman has died on Monday, a month before her fifth birthday, while three people taken seriously result of collapse of a house after the explosion in Croydon. Her motherSana Ahmad said on On Tuesday, she contacted the supplier, Southern Gas Networks (SGN), about the alleged leak on July 30th.

Recalculating the moment of explosion and its aftermath, she told the Evening Standard, “I’ve had two children in my room and then the Sahara in in box room, and my elder in room towards the garden. My room one facing in main Road.

“My instinct was to grab all my children but when I went out into the corridor, the Sahara room collapsed already. Did not have sign of I even got to it. The explosion was bad that almost fell like rockets were dropped on properties. it how fast building started to fall down”.

The Sahara originated from start school in September. Her mother said: world so cruel. we have lost our daughter who our pride and our joy.”

Ahmad said she called SGN after her. mother found the smell and the next day someone from the company came to sort it out but they said there were no major problems.

“He said he’d send another guy who was higher up what should he look at property because he’s not really sure. Unfortunately, that other guy never did. show up. AT work has not been fully implemented out. They said us there were many of small gas leaks – they said the pipes were leaking, but they were minor leaks.”

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SGN contacted for comment about the claims, but the representative for the company said separately that it is currently limited in what can he say because of the ongoing police investigation

He added: “We understand local community It has also were deeply affected by a serious incident and we like to assure everyone that we are working closely together with investigators and assistance to emergency services.

Six to eight houses were damaged. in explosion. Around 80 homes were evacuated after the cordon was extended on Tuesday over fears for residents safety.

On Wednesday morning, Merton Council confirmed that the 200m cordon would be remain in place on advice of Executive Director for Health and Safety.

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