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Matt Hancock removed from Conservative MP after signing contract up k i’m a celebrity


Atta Hancock was removed from his Conservative MP position. on Tuesday after signing up participate in I’m a celebrity… get me out of Here!

former health secretary must switch places representing his constituents in Westminster for eating bugs in jungle in Australia later this month.

His decision was met with widespread criticism, including from activists for families of the victims in of the Covid pandemic, and saw the Tories quickly whip removed.

Chief MP Simon Hart said: “After talking with Matt Hancock, I’ve thought about the situation and I think it’s a serious enough matter to justify a suspension. of whip with instant effect”.

Rishi Sunak criticized Hancock for going on ITV show in middle of worsening cost-of- life crisis.

prime minister official the spokesman said: “The Prime Minister believes that in difficult times for country, deputies should work hard for their components, whether in house (of communities) or indeed in your constituency.”

While Lobby Akinnola from the families of those who died due to Covid-19 for The justice campaign said, “Matt Hancock is not a celebrity, he former health secretary who watched the UK having one of in highest death duties in in world from Covid-19, breaking their own isolation rules.

” fact what is he trying cash in on his terrible legacy, instead of showing some humility or trying to ward off on horrible consequences of its time in Government, says it’s all about the variety of he is a human”.

former The Minister of Health is expected one of two latecomers join ten celebrities already header for jungle in Australia, according to the Sun.

Nadine Dorris also the whip was suspended when she took part in in show a decade ago.

However, an ally of in former health secretary said participation in in show will allow connect it with “younger generations”.

They said, “There are many ways to get the job done of being a deputy.

“Will he in camp for one-a day or three weeks, there are very few places people will be able to see the politician for what he really is.

“Where is the best show human side of those who to do this decisions how with most viewed program on TELEVISION?

“Politicians like Matt has to go where people are – especially those who not politically engaged.

“Matt”With of in view that we should embrace popular culture. Instead of looking down on reality TV, we should see it for what is it – a powerful a tool to make our message heard by the young generations”.

But Mr Hancock decision enter the jungle provoked criticism from within his own party as well as from political opponents and agitators.

In Mr. Hancock’s constituency Andy Drummond, Vice Chairman (Political Affairs) of The West Suffolk Conservatives Association said: “I’m looking for forward to eat the penis of a kangaroo. Quote me. You can quote it to me.”

Ian Holder, Conservative council member on West Suffolk Council said Hancock was “not ashamed”.

“Everyone knows what he did during the Covid pandemic and he seems to want constantly rehabilitate in in public Mr Holder said. “His skin, frankly, is as thick as a rhinoceros’s.

Conservative MP Tim Lawton said Hancock was “an absolute jerk”.

“I am completely disappointed and resentful that he put himself and his so-called celebrity career first. of serving his constituents,” he told Times Radio.

SNP MP Pete Wishart said: “It says a lot that Matt Hancock would rather be in a tight spot. in a remote jungle eat kangaroo testicles than spend a moment longer on Tory benches at Westminster, as did Rishi Sunaka. government reeling from one crisis to another.

A TV insider told The Sun: “Matt is a sensational signing. for in show how producers love star with a story to tell – and they always hope that they will spill the beans round bonfire.

“He latest in a long queue of figures from the political sphere, including MPs Nadine Dorries, Stanley Johnson and MP Lembit Opik.”

Mr Hancock resigns as health minister in June last year the day after the video was released of he kisses the assistant in his ministerial office in violation of coronavirus restrictions.

He supported Rishi Sunak for leadership in summer and last a week but not delivered back in government.

Another latecomer to I’m a Celebrity was reportedly comedian Seann Walsh, 36.

Line-up of 10 celebrities already on in show include singer Boy George, Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver, Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner, Love Island’s Olivia Attwood, former England rugby player Mike Tindall, TV presenter Scarlett Douglas, Charlene White of Loose Women, Radio X presenter Chris Moyles, England football player Jill Scott and comedian Babatunde Alyosha.

Mr Hancock has not yet comment.

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