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Man, woman and 3 children found shot, killed in Cecil County home

Elk Mills, Maryland. — The grim Cecil County Sheriff spoke of the tragic discovery of his deputies. made just after 9:30 am on Friday. They are found five bodies in a home on quiet cul-de-sac in Elk Mills, including a man, a woman and three children. The police don’t give age, but said children we in 5th, 7th and 8th grades. All five were shot.

Sheriff Scott Adams told WJZ his options are limited. in what could he say because the man next of relatives have not yet been notified.

“We’re actively trying to find that motive, but we don’t have it right now,” Sheriff Adams said.

Police said they have yet to find any red flags and noted that there had been no prior history of calls from home on Hebron Court.

Man calls 911 to report death just after 9 am leading police to the victims.

“It was very short. The topic hung up and we tried to call back to the residence, which remained unanswered,” the deputy said on news conference.

One body was found in garage, other on in first floor and three bodies on in second floor. Schools in in area were briefly posted on elevated state of anxiety.

The police said they found semi-automatic pistol next man and continued to collect evidence through active search and seizure warrant.

“We are not aware of any other weapon that was found inside the residence,” said Lieutenant Michael Holmes.

Consultations were provided first defendants. The sheriff addressed the trauma to them and everything community.

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since people who are concerned about it and upset about it,” Sheriff Adams said. – Any loss is terrible, but loss at this level is not common thing and certainly not common thing here in Cecil County. It’s tragic and terrible and takes a long time for people process.”

He asked for “prayers for anyone involved in this is who answered or may have had some involvement with this is.”

Police said several neighboring schools were placed on elevated state of warning after 911 call but there is currently no threat to community. They said it’s too early call case a murder-suicide.

Maryland State Police provide assistance in investigation because of “extensive crime scene,” the sheriff said.

Animal control removed several pets from house-a dog and two cats.

Neighbor said wjz family life in in house. They have moved in about two years ago, he said.

“The family was wonderful, beautiful family they really were,” he said.

He remembered what he saw children go out for walks with dogs and cats in tow

“How can you judge out there were a lot of backs of funny things to play withso they had fun here. This was new start for them,” he said.

The inhabitants were in shock.

Residents react to discovery of man, woman and three children found dead in Cecil County


“I just heard that five people were shot, that’s all I heard. This is terrible,” one the person said WJZ. He traveled to area seeing news choppers.

People in in small Cecil County community just miles from the Delaware line, knew something was terribly wrong wrong when they are quiet street suddenly got busy.

“Actually, I was here around 9:30 in the morning. just seeing all the cops coming. As soon as i saw yellow tape, I knew it meant someone was gone” one neighbor said wjz.

Neighbor who life on in back the end of in home where were all the victims found WJZ said children may have been homeschooled, and he often saw then outside together.

“They are my neighbors. They used to play around here all the time they had dog, too much. But I am not know many moreall me know is just they left,” he said.

Residents now left shocked as they wait to be found out why did this happen.

“It’s very shocking here, you know, especially when you have five people” one said the resident. “This is madness.”

Additional reporting by Annie Rose Ramos and Ava-Joy Burnett.

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